Pre biopsy time

I’m waiting for the phone to ring to tell what type of biopsy is needed and when it will be done.

im scared and worried and think the worse. I’m on my own so I don’t have wife also worried sick 

  • Hello  and welcome to the MacMillan Community. I am so sorry to read of your worry with the up and coming biopsy - it's a very stressful time. The Community is divided into various chat rooms or forums and depending upon which cancer you have had diagnosed. It would be a great idea to speak to people who have been through a similar biopsy so you will know what to expect. If you click on this list, Cancer types forums you can then join the forum which is relevant and either repost or copy and paste your question.

    It is a worrying time and for extra support why not give our support line a call on 0808 808 00 00 8am to 8pm. They are a great set of people and will be able to reassure you that you are on the correct journey and be able to ease your worries.

    If I can do anything else for you in navigating the site please get back to me.

    Best wishes - Brian.

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    MacMillan Cancer Support  0808 808 00 00. (8am - 8pm 7 days a week).