My amazing hubby lost a battle 12 weeks from diagnosis . Given 12 months but never got the chance to make memories we had no support 46 yrs and life’s crap

My husband diagnosed 13/12/21 very unexpected given 12 months but only got 12 weeks to the day no one has given me answers he was 46 . We have 3 children and I feel lost 

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    So sorry to hear about your husband, and diagnosis is a shock but then to be given 12 months and only get 12 weeks is something that would floor anyone. Add to that having 3 children, dealing with their emotions and everything else totally unsurprised in you feeling lost.

    There is quite a lot of information in What to do after someone dies and many hospitals have bereavement services who may be able to offer support.

    We also have on here Bereaved family and friends forum who also can perhaps share experience of the things they found helped them.

    You might also like to contact Winston's wish who help support children and young people after the loss of a parent.

    Hope some of that helps - remember too that you can always call the helpline here too.



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