Drabrafenib & trametinib

My husband has melanoma and is just about to start on a clinical trial for a year. He will be taking Drabrafenib & trametinib. Can anyone help with the side effects please. Thank you. Sue

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    I'm sorry to hear that your husband was diagnosed with melanoma and I can completely understand how you both felt on hearing that news as I too was diagnosed with melanoma, in my case three years ago. 

    I have not needed to have the treatment that your husband is about to embark on but I know there are quite a lot of people in the melanoma group, which I can see you have joined, who are on this combination. Click on the link I've created which will take you back to the group where you could post your question by selecting 'start a discussion'.


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  • Hi , a second welcome to the online community from me. I’m also from the melanoma group. In 2015 I had the single targeted therapy drug drabrafenib before the combination was available. I was on it for 9 months, as latchbrook says there are people in the melanoma group on the combination either for stage 4 melanoma or as an adjuvant treatment, each person is affected differently by side effects but you can see some information on them in the following link that might be helpful to you, and then pop over for real life experience.


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