Lymphoedema is swelling that develops because of a build-up of fluid in the body's tissues, which can happen as a result of cancer or its treatment. This is a place for people affected by lympoedema to share experiences and support each other.

arm lymphoedema bandaging

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has anyone had the arm bandage for hand/arm  lympho   (not compression sleeves) .

I had never heard of this before my lympho nurse said "maybe we can try this, but expensive on NHS , etc  etc"    she indicated there were good results.

trouble is, I have NO lymph nodes left (left side)  ,  so feel that lymphoedema is something I "have to put up with" - no cure.

but, would be interested to hear ladies comments who have had this bandaging.



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So sorry I can't help with advice. Try the ladies on the breast cancer forum or the MacMillan help line.