after my prognosis of maybe a year more or left when my life will end

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3 months on, after the panic, scared, depression, whats next?

I DECIDED to do some shopping. I shop on amazon. I decided to buy clothes that i love so i will have my fancy favourites as i become more ill and the ends comes/

  • Hi Xaviva, hang in there and treating yourselves is a good Idea if it gives you a good feeling. At the begining of my trip I bought about 4 bright coloured kaftens and tend to float around the flat in them, that was 4 years ago. Enjoy your shopping. XX


  • Hi  

    Making the most of life, that's what's next. That's exactly what you're doing, getting some clothes that you like........... Forget about the ill and the end. You are still here to enjoy what you like doing, focus on that and enjoy looking fancy.

    A x

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