So tired - Sleepless - 2am seen again

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Hi All none sleepers.

I am on my 12th cycle of treatment & trundling along quite nicely thank you, I feel guilty posting as I’m in a better place with my treatment than many people here.

When along comes my darling husband & messing around with the grand kids he falls and smashes his ankle to bits.

several hours later we’re in hospital, out of our county as we were visiting our daughter, and he’s has a 5 hour operation to pin said ankle.

Now his leg is in a heavy half plaster & no weight bearing on it for 2 weeks at least.

I probably shouldn’t use bad words but what the ####
was he doing being stupid. What a plonker!

He’s a big man, 6’2”, he’s 23 stone. Did I mention he’s a plonker!

Hospital now want him out of the hospital and apparently he’s medically fit!! They have offered home or a rehabilitation bed miles away from where I live.

Consultant has been very rude about this & has told the ward to get my hubby home asap.I’m a 5’4” wimp. 
I can’t imagine coping with him at home, I already get so tired every afternoon from my meds. Etc.
I’ve got to go home next week for my own bloods & review.

I’m staying with my daughter to be near hubby & feeling more & more tired, frustrated & overwhelmed.

That’s it - rant over - maybe I can go back to sleep now.

  • I've got now , I had one gone missing 


  • Good its nice to know you have good support. Let's hope you can sit outside with your dog when the weather gets warmer and drier. XX


  • Thanks Moi2

    we’ve been promised help when we get home, but no sign of it yet.

    I have my bloods today, going to try & get to my GP but don’t hold out much hope.

    even when I ring at exactly 8 I’m usually about 32 in the queue.

    last time I got a message back from a receptionist who said the Dr. Wanted to see me, but that they didn’t have any appointments available.

    unfortunately I’ve also got a pain in my foot. By the end of the day it is really swollen & I can hardly walk on it.

    Feeling sorry for myself, so I need to snap out of that & get going to try & get everything in place.