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I’ve got breast cancer and a little mets on my spine that’s less than a 1cm I’m on a targeted therapy called phesgo after 6 rounds of chemotherapy! Is they a possible chance that the little shit will go melt away? Been told phesgo has broken medical science and lots of ladies have gone into remission! Anyone on this treatment? Lots of love to all of you xxxx

  • Hi   I saw the title of your post, and had to reply, because that is exactly how I am at the moment, and have been for several months, fed up ! I’ve got so many things wrong with me at the moment, and they are all probably due to the side effects of my treatment, but some are under investigation at the moment so it’s a waiting game (again) to find out. 

    I have heard of phesgo as I do dip in and out of the breast cancer group. My cancer isn’t breast cancer, but it is treated in the same way, with hormone treatment. Have you asked in the breast group about phesgo? The problem is with this site, is when people are cured they tend to disappear because they don’t want the reminder of what they went through, which I can understand but it doesn’t help us when trying to source such information. 

    Any thing is possible with these new drugs. Lots of us here have been around for much longer than we were first told. It is 10 years for me as an incurable this year, which is why I feel so guilty for feeling fed up, because I am grateful really, it’s just a long time to be in pain. 


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  • Hi Lindz and Chelle, firstly I don't have breast cancer but am fed up laterally. I was soldiering along not to bad, then the last few months have had strange episodes which are painful and debilitating. As uou say Chelle side effects of treatment. I'm greatful to still be here, but fed-up I can't do alot of what I like to do because of pain. Take care girls xx


  • Hi Lindsay, just read your profile. I also have SBC  but am on Palbociclib and anastrozole with denosumab injections. I don’t know anyone on phesgo but if you are on FB there is an SBC group called Make 2nds Count. There will be someone there going through the same I’m sure 

    Jac x