Silly Ellie lol

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A little verse just for you, hope it makes, you giggle and fill silly to.

What to do today, i fancy going out, and having a little play.

I could go to the seaside, and have some fun, make a sandcastle, and make it go high, , for being positive, makes you fill,  good and nothing is, impossible, so i have understood.

A trip to the Zoo, would be really nice, see all the animals they have inside, then you stop and think, nearly all in a cadge, i am free, and have open space..

So a trip to the pub,  with a mate or two, thats the things one used to do, a gin or two would not go amiss, and one would land up being a little, P....d.

I trip to the fair, now thats, been a while, coconuts, candy floss, and a toffee apple to, thats what one used to do,.

these could still be done, just fill, like we need some fun.

Oh that was all a dream, and memories gone bye, now i just need, to reach for the sky, as hard as that seems, we have to believe, xxx