Just thought I'd share a update

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I'm aware I rarely post on here, and since my last post thought it a good idea to update what's been going on. 

I went into hospital with shortness of breath for 4 days at the end of July. While I was in there they told me I had serious progression in both my lungs and 2 areas in my spine,  plus in my right humerus. Which started as a lot if pain in my arm, 

The oncologist came to see me to suggest I start chemo,  now any of you that have read my previous posts will have seen I'd never taken any treatment and refused it, but when the oncologist said I was at risk of deterioration if I didn't take chemo I decided to undergo chemo, they also wanted rods put into my right arm bwvauae it is at risk of breaking but i couldn't start chemo at the same time so i opted to have chemo first, they put in a picc line into my chest , I had a date for chemo to start and it was supposed to be the 11th September. 

However on the 31st of August I was admitted to hospital again with shortness of breath,  this time my right lung was full of fluid, they drained it but the shortness of breath continued, I had CTs and Xrays , I was in hospital for 12 days on constant oxygen,  the oncologist came to see me and told me I wouldn't be undergoing chemo after all because the cancer had yet progressed even further and now along with the right middle lobe collapse the right bottom had also collapsed , my lungs look like shattered glass and the met in the humerus as also grown. 

I'm home with home oxygen,  today I received portable oxygen and there is nothing else that can be done for me, 

The cancer is what's causing the breathlessness and I'm to enjoy what time I have left with loved ones .