Feeling guilty

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I feel guilty because, when I read about other stage 4 people on here able to live relatively normal lives and do things they enjoy, I get envious and bitter.

I am glad people can do things, I am just struggling with my current situation. I feel like a bad person for feeling this way.

  • Hi Lucy, can i ask what is the problem, with the base of your spine, so we can try and understand a little bit more, and what has the Drs  regarding it, and are they doing any thing to help or advise you.

    • I have lost so much weight that the base of my spine hurts if I sit for long, despite my having a cushion from the ot. 
    • I am not really looking for practical advice, just sharing my feelings and thoughts.
  • Right, fair enough, then can you not have a slow walk about, if i sit to long the base of my spine, is painful due to arthritis , in it, though when i have got up and straight it helps.

    Siting is not the best posture

  • Hi Lucy you are not a bad person for feeling this way. It’s natural when your spirit’s  willing but your body’s weak. It’s helpful to vent your feelings. Are there things around you or memories that you can recall that make you smile. Don’t feel guilty if we’re honest most of us can feel like you. You are just being honest. 
    Every day can be a challenge for the incurables and we all have different capabilities to cope with it. 
    sending hugs Hugging 


  • I can only walk about a dozen steps, I am too weak for more. I semi recline one one side or the other. 

    I am just sharing my feelings and thoughts.

  • Glad you fill that you are able, to share your feelings and thoughts,

  • Hi Lucy locket

    Don't feel bad and your not a bad person at all, we all deal with out cancer in different ways, and I'm sure I'd we are all honest we have at some point felt what you are feeling now. I'm sure you will get through this but it may take you some time. Be kind to yourself your going through a lot.

    Take care for now 


  • Hi Lucy Locket,

    I’m one of those incurables who tries to lead a normal life but yesterday I just felt s**t and spent all day stumped in a chair - even thinking was hard work -  so don’t feel bad we all struggle at times. Hopefully, venting a bit in here and the support you’ll find here will help you feel better.

    All the best.


  • Hi Lucy

    If i was in your position i would be doing my absolute nut, I'd be pulling my hair out and snapping at everything !! I don't do confinement well !!

    So don't feel bad, we all need to vent now and again, bottling it up doesn't do any good.

    When evver you feel like that get one of your pillows and give it a wollop  Joy , hope you have a better day today.

    Cat x 

  • Hi  

    Don't feel you're a bad person, its understandable and all of us here understand because all of us look at others and are envious. Just to have our life back without limits and to not feel that our life has been capped somehow. I can empathise to some degree how frustrating it must be for you right now as before treatment I found it very difficult to mobilise and was in a lot of pain. Every day was hard work and a struggle. Keep posting.

    A x

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