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Morning all, I have been having immunotherapy treatment since october 2022, although only had 6 cycles as I got two life limiting side effects which now mean my team have decided to not carry on with that line of treatment as it made me very sick and uncomfortable. They told me at diagnosis that there were only two possible treatment options so we obviously now are down to the last one, this one apparently also has potentially bad side effects. I am now very scared and anxious about our next appointment with my oncology team. My mind is racing and anxious and all over the place. Updating kids and family and friends is brutal. Need to try to get myself out of the downward spital headspace as need to make the most of the time we have left to make memories and do as much of my life list as possible, and do all the little things for our kids like I planned to. I was just hoping my body would tolerate the treatment that would help me to feel better, but it was not meant to be. Just needed to get that out, so thanks for reading 

  • Hi Dancing Queen, it's a really bad felling when a treatment has to be stopped, but with an other to try there is always hope, and I hope with all my heart it works for you.

    I love you go for it way of thinking, hope and enjoying life is exactly what we all have, so go for it girl.

  • Hi Dancing Queen, you’ve come to he right place for getting out your true feelings.  It’s totally understandable that you are feeling scared - is there a counselling service at your hospital? I am a great believer in talking through things and I am wondering if a specialist counsellor or psychologist could (even for one session) could help you to unpack all your understandable feelings.  xxxxxx

  • Hi Dancing queen, sorry you are here.

    All treatments come with side effects, some more serious than others.

    Not sure what your second line of treatment is going to be.

    I know when i had my very first chemo, it caused a heart attack, a very rare side effect, It was stopped, though i  pleaded   with oncologist to give me more, i would have taken a chance again.

    She did though not the same combo  and i did eight, without bad side effects, They will do what is the best for you, that is their job.

    Yes we have to get our head round things, and when we do, we are, ready to fight again, and that is what it is, a fight at times,,

    .I remember on my first meeting with my oncologist, she said any think to ask, and i said yes   Give me Hope, and i hang on to that,.

    Because when i have encountered a problem, she says to me, i told you always  hope.

    I hope what ever they come up with, will treat you kindly. 


  • Hi  

    Sorry to hear your treatment has had to stop. I know it's a blow but try to think of it as that it could make you more poorly, weak and less resilient. I was told at the end of chemo that chemo would be my only line of treatment as my cancer is not hormone or DNA receptive. I recently had my oncology review, 6months on from chemo and I was told that if my cancer recurs I could have the same chemo again and I could have a new treatment that is just coming into clinic. There are new breakthroughs all the time, new trials etc. It may not be all doom just yet, keep going.

    A x

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