Just a bad week, not a bad life

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Hi all,

I've been a bit quiet on here lately. I have been very fatigued and burned out from treatment and work, and at the same time have been dealing with changes in my mobility. To top it all off, I got cellulitis in my finger which led to my hospitalisation, and has made me feel so sick for the past week. I have been bed-bound and just feel useless.

It's been really, really hard to find any positivity at all, which is highly unlike me. My whole body feels heavy, and my thoughts are scattered. I have just spoken to my psychiatrist and am speaking with my psychologist in a couple of days, but I just needed to rant in the meantime.

Does anyone have any recommendations for mindless TV shows to watch while feeling like this? I've taken the whole week off of everything to recover and need some recommendations!

All my love,