Feeling slightly neglected!

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I was given the news earlier this year that my cervical cancer is incurable. It was decided that pelvic exenteration [removal of uterus etc plus bowel and bladder] wouldn't be right for me at my age [80] and that further chemo or immunotherapy wouldn't help my form of cancer. It was thought I wouldn't survive the former, up to 18 hr op!  My last scan in November showed the cancer had not spread elsewhere yet, though it will eventually and my timescale of survival .is up to two years, possibly more.

It was decided that further scans could be arranged if my symptoms got worse ie heavier bleeding, more tired than usual due to possible anaemia etc. A telephone appointment with my consultant was arranged for March 2023 to see how I'm doing. I have hurt my back moving stuff when my new kitchen was fitted and tried to get GP  phone appt this am but all they could offer was a chat with a physio. She was very pleasant and helpful and emailed me some exercises. Although the scan showed back pain wasn't the cancer spreading,but the treatments I had last year could have weakened it.   It seems my age is against me regarding anymore cancer treatment so pallitive care will be my next option, so hopefully will get help from them when the time comes.  All a bit depressing and I feel somewhat abandoned.by the medics. I wanted to ask GP a personal question regarding my condition so will have to try and speak to one in the new year hopefully.

Wish me luck!


  • Hi Nan

    I am sorry to hear your situation, the waiting to hear, what is going on is the hardest,

    I am also waiting to see what and if, what treatment  i am to go on next, if any, though i do know it will be something.

    My treatment has  caused my bones to thin, and have three fracture, in pelvis, just had scans highly suspicious of cancer, though not sure,

    Three scans and waiting for the outcome, though Christmas and New Year have delayed things.

    I really hope you get to talk to GP and get so answers.

    I wish you a good out come. xxx

  • Hi Nan, sorry you feel neglected, do phone your gp for at least a phone appointment and make a list of all your questions and ask you gp, I'd even ask your cancer nurse your questions . Maybe you'd feel a bit better then, till uou March appointment.  Good luck and sending  hugs xx


  • Hello Nan, Although your news is hard to accept, in a way your decision not to have that extensive surgery and the day-to-day challenges it would have undoubtedly given you had you survived it, has sort of freed you to make the most of the time you now have - time that may well be a lot better for you and allow you to do more things and make more memories before the need for palliative care.

    I hope that you are soon recovered from those back pains and can set your mind on something enjoyable ahead. Maybe you can manage several holidays somewhere relaxing or days out. Pile up the treats. Sending you hugs and positive thoughts.  Rainie x