From my Son to me

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Hi i love lovely words as such, mean more to me than any precious stone you might want.

So my son gave me this poem i had to share.

Hey mum do you rember

The times we were so small

And the world around us held together

As your arms embraced us all.

Hey mum i still keep memories

They are chasing round my head.

Of  all the love you ever showed us.

And every word that you have said.

I looked up to you through childhood.

And as I've grown  older watched you age.

The chapters of your story, now nearing the last page.

No day passed by me, without the pride with which i feel for you, always there to care and nurture.

And to always guide us threw,

The rolls they have reversed now,

As you've not got the strength to fight.

Its my turn to hold you in my arms.

But i'm  a stranger in the night.

Hey mum do you remember the games we used to play.

And how we'd turn to you for comfort, against the trials of the day.

Hey mum i'll hold your hand now, the way you'd always hold mine.

And like a mirror i will reflect, the same love you've always shown.

i know the night time is coming soon, i know the strength to fight is fading.

And i just can't even count all the places i have prayed in.

Hey mum do you remember the, the world around you, you created , with your two hands you built us up.

A life was never lesser wasted.

Hey mum i'm here beside you.

And if you could see, you'd see me cry.

Because the final chapters are coming.

And i'm not ready to say good bye.

Yes i cried and cried when he gave it to me, and filling up writing it out, but i love him for giving me a piece of paper with words on it, that he knows will mean the world. to me.

Ellie x