Treatment and periods

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I might have posted about this before but it’s annoying me again 

basically for 23 years since i was 10 my period has been like clockwork 

every 29 days 

starts between 1am and 2 am day 1

finishes between 6pm and 7 pm day 4 relative to when it started 

stomach cramps exactly 20minutes before the start 

a headache 3 days before day 1

”dropsies’ 7 days before day 1 when I basically dropped or knocked anything over I touched 

i was warned treatment might affect my fertility and therefore periods but they didn’t stop (which everyone says is lucky) but they just distended into chaos 

they started and finished with no regularity and the symptoms are all over the place 

now 18 months on they are still irregular but I’m getting regular symptoms again which are actually more annoying 

about a week before I get really gassy (both ends) and my pubic hair is painfully itchy - I started calling it itchy fur Joy

even when I was in hospital for almost a year age 13 with another brain tumour it still kept to its regularity- now who knows what it’s doing 

  • Periods really are a pain!  I don't think I ever started on time so it always kept me guessing.  Never had half those symptoms though.  Wow - aren't we all different.   Mine petered-out in 2020.  Now I have a pile of spare tampons.  Daughter doesn't want them.  Soon they'll be antique!  

  • Mine did stop about a year after chemo...but so many hot flashes and stuff....