Palbo delivery problems-you?

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Hiya, I’m a year on from diagnosis of stage four metastatic -I’m having huge problems with my palbo deliveries is anyone else? Concerned that week long gaps after my weeks off are affecting my stabilisation of this crappy disease x

  • Hi I can understand how worrying this must be for you. I had a similar problem with my anastrozole, but I managed to track some down after driving to several different chemists first.  As you are having such a problem getting this drug, I would mention it to your oncologist. I would worry if I had to go without myself. x 


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  • I know exactly how you feel getting my palbociclib every four weeks was a nightmare and I used to spend hours phoning the hospital to try and sort it out.  They would say that the company that did my injection would bring it, and I said no they don't, I knew the system better than them, My husband seeing how distressed and tired every time wrote a very long email to my nurse who apologised and said that I should not have been put in that position, Hey presto this time it worked perfectly!!!  I know how traumatic it is when you have a longer gap than necessary, So speak to your nurse and tell her it needs sorting as it is making you ill, Good luck and hope everything goes smoothly in the future,

    Hugs and love