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I am over a year into treatment for a brain tumour and during some of my clinic visits I have been chatting to somebody else who is undergoing breast cancer treatment. She has been having treatment much longer than me and she asked if I had noticed that cancer chat is everywhere. Now I have not particularly noticed this, so I knew the adverts for charities like Macmillan etc but that’s it

now every time I put on the TV it’s all about cancer rates, raising money and awareness, who has been diagnosed with it etc etc

Awareness and raising money for research is all well and good but now I just can’t see anything else

I just want to see other things again

Is this just me? I am assuming that this is because I have been made aware of it now and maybe if anyone reads this they will also notice (so if that’s the case sorry in advance)

  • Hi i am not sure how long you have been diagnosed , when i first was, yes every advert even different soaps some one had cancer, it was like omg, they keep shoving it in your face, could not get away from it, even my hubby made a comment.

    It has most probably always been on tv, in papers every where, but as it did not effect us at the time, never took any notice.

    Bit like buying a yellow car, no one has one till you get yours then that is all you see.

    I have been diagnosed since 2016 and now i take no notice, i have cancer, though try and get on with your life, not easy, my hubby got diagnosed then my daughter, so it in one one has been my life for so long, it has become part of who i am, and i cannot change it, wish i could.

    Hope i have explained my self right,

  • Yes it definitely is everywhere although we are so much more aware it really doesn’t help! It has taken some time but I am at a stage where I can handle most things now but still choose not to watch certain programmes when I know it has potential to upset me (like stand up for cancer bake off).  

    it bugs me that soaps do love to throw in a cancer storyline every few months that either ends in being miraculously cured and never heard of again or dying quickly,.  I’m sure there must be other life changing illnesses to write about!

  • Yes, totally normal or sod's law!  

    I was diagnosed on 24 Nov  2021 an in the months after that it was on the news or adverts just like you describe.  Then after a few months I stopped noticing it and I don't think I took evasive action knowingly.  I don't remember thinking "cancer reminder again" for ages.