Stuck in a circle of hell loop

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What a world we have allowed to happen. Someone tried to ring me on the landline yesterday and couldnt. I then realised it isnt working at all , for calls in or out. It is with Virgin  Try contacting Virgin - tried the online bot, then whats app chat - presumably also a bot. Keeps telling me to reboot my hub - but the internet isnt a problem. I have now tried their forum for help , but no joy so far. I just want a person to speak to probably to book an engineer. Next step is complaints line - but why for gods sake is it so hard.  And of course they are not alone, what do we customers count for with most businesses? And we compliant non revolting consumers have allowed this to happen - and I could scream.

Had similar circumstances last week - Tues night (hottest day/ night ever if you recall). At 1am, when luckily I was  still awake ,there was an almighty crash from downstairs. I rushed down to tell dogs off for knocking something over - poor dogs were looking confused and were blameless. Turned out the cistern  in downstairs loo had fallen off wall - and was minorly flooding as luckily it had wedged at slight angle behind the loo. I was groggy and not at my best, but realised I could wedge the ballcock shut and so avoid flooding. So I did, and went back to bed. Got up early to ring my "home emergency" insurance - they didnt class as emergency as I had stopped it flooding. They suggested building insurance as more likely to help. All policy documents online, had to find passwords, open numerous tabs to find number to ring.....grrr... anyway they said it wasnt covered as cistern just fell off wall - not accidental ( what it was I was at loss to decide - sabotage, terrorism,??) So they too declined to help. Now had I been more awake less honest, i would have thought of reason why it was emergency for me for first insurers, or come up with accidental explanation ,like the dogs had been dancing on the cistern or something.  luckily i got a local plumbing firm to come out later that morningand isolate the cistern and order new one. That's two insurane companies I wont be using again. And will only have paper documetns not online, and will double check the small print.

I know in the scheme of things these are small matters but the extra stress on top of cancer. chemo/ heat was unwelcome. I rant about the "digital by default" we have allowed to take over, the relegation of us as citizens to just consumers, the sheer greed of companies, capitalism, especially neo-liberalism, and a world where greed and duplicity by companies and politicians has been allowed to bring us to the brink of destruction.and bloody billionaires like Branson who have got fat on developing companies which dont give a damn.

And all that because of a landline and a  cistern. And I haven't even mentioned the PM debates - you got off lightly.

  • Hi OBS, you are so right about these companies they're just taking the P out of the customers, if one leaves it doesn't effect them in the slightest, I know it's a pain but the more people complain to the ombudsman and there MP, and put their complaints on to social media we get noware.

    I'm pleased you found a plumber, if he's any good keep his number.

    I currently have a case going through the energy ombudsman.

  • Hope you're okay now. I used to be like.this before cancer arrived. Now its all irrelevance in a strange way. My life has become simple where possible. We can easily allow ourselves to get sucked into this chaotic vortex of a world we live in.  Peace

  • That's pathetic customer service. We have to do nearly everything online and Mrs Tvman prints out everything so we have a paper copy. I'd go back to the company that said that the cistern falling off wasn't an accident and ask them to explain what it was. I'd ask for a manager at least and also contact the insurance ombudsman or woman and complain to them and ask him or her to take up your case. Honestly what sort of company is it, trying something like that to fob you off!


    Love life and family.
  • Agree. I have to really make myself contact these companies when required. I hate their stupid phone systems that tell you how important your call is and then leave you hanging for half an hour or more. It is contempt. The most contemptable are the BBC in my view. They treat the viewer with utter contempt, recycling the same old dross round and round. And then you hear what they pay the likes of that tool Gary Lineker. [spit nails here, optional] 

    Not everybody can access things like Amazon Prime or Netflix. I so resent the licence fee. It's about time they lost it in my view.  Rainie x

  • Totally agree Rainie with company's rubbish telly and Gary Lineker xx

  • Missed this tgread OBs. I hope you are sorted on the domestic front. And all your other fronts as well. 

  • The reason the tv license is so high is because of the unbelievable amounts of money they pay these so called celebritys.

  • Engineer coming to phone Tues. Cistern back on wall - took two plumbers - luckily the firm has done work for me before and are very good. Blood pressure lower. Had chemo yest after 2 weeks off, worrying thing was platelets till below 90, so doenst bode well for next weeks treatment. Hey ho.

    Thanks for tboughts.

  • Try for bright thoughts OBS, even rain clouds have a silver lining, I really hope all goes well at your next treatment