Well as you may not know it is HOT HOT HOT so we keep getting told.

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I sat in the garden to 3.am this morning was lovely, i have to say.

Met ullis and we had our swim with the dolphins,  come back, stripped bed and rea made, that is my lot for the day.

Hope every  one is coping well, mind you i might go out later and do a rain dance, if onl.

Ellie xxy

  • Morning Ellie, feeling the heat, fans on plenty to drink. Ray made breakfast ! I new ot was done when the fire alarm went off ! He burned the toast, windows all open fans on full and the alarm wouldn't go off ,  it took about 1/2 an hour. My new nabours luv us NOT HA HA

  • Morning Moi

    Morning Moi, i am not to bad, just got out shower, i have no fans out as yet, i keep forgetting to ask my son to get them, still in loft, no good there.

    Your lucky you at least got your breakfast made, just had shower, and made my cuppa.

    At least you know the fire alarm works, think mine is on strike, i have not cooked over last couple days, good job i like salad. and yes that is what i have tonight, my nose is twitching

    You take Care


  • Morning all, it was really good swimming with Ellie and the dolphins, didn't know she was a stickler for hospital corners, said goodbye to my friend then I went home, had to have the windows open on they way back, long drive home but worth it to me a good friend like Ellie 

  • LOL Will do it again, was worth going, ,even though you had a long drive,, if your going to do some thing do it  right.

    Next time we will take Pilchards and feed them, then they come and give you a kiss, that is what they did in Florida.

    It was nice to have your company, and no grass in sight, so no one cutting it.with a mower.

    Ellie x

  • A perfect way to spend a very hot day, peaceful, relaxing and delightful, do again yes please.

  • That's  a date, just do not let any one else know when we are going, our peace could get shattered, by grass cutting.

    Time to put washing out.

    Ellie x

  • Well now i am melting, need a fan, 30 in my living room, that  is warm, i think lol.

  • Massive  fire near us,, going towards m25 and Dartford tunnel black smoke every where

    just been watering every where live right next to massive field,, houses have burnt down , what a dayxx

  • Oh Ellie that is awful, keep an eye on it and take care thinking of you xxx

  • I hope your ok after todays temperature. Some places got up to 39-40 and fires have started up.