a bit confused but think i know whats happening

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Hello people please excuse the typing this is so new to me also i find it hard to know what to say as i had the news last week that my cancer is not curable but they are going to try treatments to shrink it and hopefully as they say maybe give me a bit longerand a better quality of life its still sinking in i am 63 year old man diagnosed with base of tongue cancer which has spread to neck and a secondary in the pelvis i see doctor in morning start radio monday fingers crossed  xx

  • Hello, It's very hard to take in and everybody on here has experienced the journey in many ways - but that first shock is the same for everybody. Keep posting and asking questions on here and I'm sure you will find support. My cancer is different but there are many treatments popping up all the time. Take care and hang on in there. Rainie x

  • Hello, 

    Good luck with your palliative treatment, I hope that it does it's job.

    I had six rounds of palliative chemotherapy that finished Easter 21, currently I am stable off treatment, so it seems to have done me good.

    Best wishes 


  • It's not what you want to hear but your Doc and team have a plan. That's all you need at the moment. See how things progress, they normally have quite a lot in their armoury, so plenty to be hopeful about. Good luck.

  • thanks Sal hope thats me i am hopefull and try to be positive,

  • thanks norberry i do have a lot of faith in the doctors and lots of support from the macmillan team ky family and friends are showing  suport so i am lucky there see how it goes tommorow

  • Good luck for tomorrow Just do it.

    Take care KT

  • just had first RT all went well but later in the day my neck was so swollen and tender i thought i was prepared for this but not on first visit very tender thiis morning has anyone else had this  i feel like a wimp but it is what it is going for another go today just wondered if this is normal ????

  • I think it is normal, but talk to the team there, you may not able to eat normally for a while. They know what to expect and can give you better advise and painkillers etc. Good luck, Pet

  • Hello again had second visit for RT as i said before my neck was swollen and tender so my mask was very tight was a proper struggle and its same again this morning only got 3 weeks to do as its pallative so there managing it  i know a lot have said side affects start after a few week of treatment was quite a shock to get sore throat and swelling afrer 1 RT has anyone ekse had early side affects on RT thanks