feeling the fight i and my family think ive got im loosing

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just finished my 3rd lot chemo really tired cant walk far cant go home oh has life changed since feb feeling lost and down 

  • Hi

    Sorry you are feeling so low. Chemo itself is draining and not likely to help mood. You say you can't go home, is that because you are in hospital? As you haven't completed your profile, there is little to know where you are in this journey - does 3rd lot of chemo mean you have had 2 different treatments before? Sorry, dont mean to be the spanish inquistion. You don't need to feel bad about feeling bad - it is normal for all of us sometimes, and lot of people on here will have been there before, are there now, or will be in future - we are all human and fragile at times. But we are also resilient at times too, and mood can change from hour to hour. Post on here, and someone will respond at any time of day/ night.


  • Hi MelC16, As OBS has said, it is hard to really know what to say when we don't know anything about your journey until now, as there is nothing on your profile page.

    This journey is a rollercoaster ride and the moods go up and down too. Try to take one day at a time and live it as best you can. Honestly, if I had a pound for every time I said to myself "I can't do this any more" then I would be worth a fortune by now. That's when I look at my family and think, "yes I can do it, I must do all I can to stay with them for as long as possible"! That's what keeps me going! Tomorrow is another day!

    As OBS (Owned By Staffies) also said, just come on here and let us know how you feel. Some say, just by writing things down it helps, sharing also helps!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Big hug MelC16 - just sleep and rest for now, tomorrow or the next day may be better.  I just had ten days feeling like I couldn’t go on, as the others have said, things change daily.  I feel relatively Ok although today was a chemo day - 2nd round for me xx

    I woke up this morning - result!!