still in shock!

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I have recently been diagnosed with stage 4 bowel cancer and to be honest am still trying to comes to term with it!  If it wasn't the fact that I had a pain in my left hand side and decided to see a GP I would never have known!! He thought it was gallstones!! a CT scan and biopsy later and hey ho!! 

I am 63 and normally fit and well hence the shock! I have an appointment with consultant next Wednesday to discuss treatment, another week of scary thoughts to go through!

Thank you for taking the time to listen to my rant! 

  • Hi i am sorry you have had to come here, though you will be mad, very welcome from everyone.

    The waiting, as lots of us say is the hardest bit, once you know which way you are going things, do seem to settle in place.

    Its not an easy ride, s we say its like a roller coaster, up and down, with bumps along they way.

    I do not have the cancer you have, though others do, though every one will help you as much as they can.

    You rant away we all do it, we can laugh, cry, cream an yes rant.

    Only some one going threw this journey truly understands, the emotions it brings.

    Other's will come along, and pop in.

    Please fill free, to ask anything you may wish, some one will advise you. 

  • Hi Mauritius, the waiting, yes it is difficult. As Ellie has said you'll get support, advice or just a listening ear. We all have and do feel the same as you do know. I did have bowel cancer  I'm incurable but treatable and have been since 2018. They have a plan  for you so that's good , once uou settle into uour treatment plan it sort of becomes your new normal Till next week, be kind to yourself. Try to do what you like doing stay busy. Keep posting and chatting, or have a rant. Take care 


  • Hello Mauritius

    As others have said....welcome to this supportive and friendly group, though it isn't a group any of us expected to join.

    We are all classed as incurable, and have been through the worry, uncertainty and shock that you are experiencing now. We all have different cancers, and if you want to find out more about each person, you can read their profile by clicking on their name, or their circular image next to their message.

    You've already had some lovely responses, with advice about how to get through this waiting stage....the only thing I'd like to add is...try not to Google! Most people do, but the information you'll find is often out-of-date, misleading, or negative. It will probably add to your anxiety.

    If you do have questions, use the Macmillan helpline! They are really helpful. 

    And I hope you keep posting on here! You'll get lots of support going forward.


    Candysmum (Kate)

  • Hello Mauritius and a warm welcome from me to the forum, great advice from the ladies as always. Though there are a few of us guys on here too, many of us had no symptoms when diagnosed and got the GP runaround as well. Mauritius we can support you and be there for you for your emotional and personal support but I would suggest you join the Bowel (colon and rectal) cancer forum,  for the best advice about your cancer. and what questions you should ask at your consultation. best wishes.


  • Hi

    I haven't written on here before but saw your message . I must say that all cancers are different and we all react in different ways to the same meds. 

    However I was a similar age to you when diagnosed ( now 66) with inoperable and incurable colon cancer stage 4 and spread to my lungs. Was a very hard first year with alot of pain but managed with lots of meds. I am now on third line treatment and holding it at bay. After 12 months I was able to have an colostomy bag and tbh that was the best thing that has happened to me in this saga and stopped alot of the pain.

    You are early in the process and they may be able to offer you an operations or other alternatives so keep your chin up. I was very low at the start and didn't think I would be here now, but it is well worth the fight even the pain. 

    Be strong and do not be afraid to ask for more pain meds if needed and also I had help mentally via GP when needed giving me anti depressant which helped greatly.

    I wish you all the best .


  • Hi Mauritius Sorry to hear this news which to you is really shocking to say the least. You are in the right place so try not to panic .  You are going to be seen by experts who deal with these things everyday so stay off google as that will fry your brain with different rubbish. My brother in law has similar and this is over 5 years ago and he is in remission now so please dont jump the gun .There is light at the end of the tunnel . All the Best Minmax 

  • Hi  

    I'm very sorry to read of your diagnosis and that the cancer is incurable. A very warm welcome to the group. Everyone here is very friendly and supportive as you have seen from your replies. As Eddie said, it will be a good idea for you to join the bowel group. This is the link

     Bowel (colon and rectal) cancer forum 

    Google, as such, is not a good idea, unless the sites are NHS, Cancer Research or Macmillan. This is a link to an online booklet on bowel cancer

    It is a good idea to write a profile as it helps others in their replies to you and saves you repeating yourself. You can add to it as you go along. To write it, click on your own username then profile and save when you've written it. You can read anyone's profile by clicking on their username.

    Keep in touch and let us know how your appointment goes. If you need any help, remember the Macmillan helpline is there and they are excellent. This is the link to contact

    Best regards 

    A x

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  • Hi Mauritius, Sorry I am late to welcome you but better late than never! I like the rest of the group have incurable cancer. Last September my husband was diagnosed with Bowel. cancer and we were both in shock, so I know how you feel! Once you have seen your Consultant, you will have a better idea of what treatment you can have. My husband had surgery, very quickly after diagnosis and has had a few ups and downs since then. He goes for another Colonoscopy in September, so it is a wait and see situation! Your Consultant will have a plan for you and you grab it with both hands!

    Please let us know how you get on at your appointment. The waiting is difficult but don't make yourself ill due to worry as it won't change anything, so my view is why waste energy! Take plenty of rest when you need it as you will feel. More tired than usual! Keep in touch!

    Love Annette x

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