Pancreatic cancer unttreatable

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I am Donny8 with pancreatic cancer and I am too old for any operation even biopsy. After severe itching I am now turning yello. I just wonder what next?

  • Hello Donny8

    A warm welcome to the forum that no-one wants to join! 

    i am sorry to read that you have pancreatic cancer, which can't be operated on. Many of the people who use this forum are in a similar situation, and we have all been told we are incurable. We all have different cancers. It is a space where you can share your thoughts and feelings with others who will understand what you are going through.

    We all try to support each other, and keep our spirits up together. You will find most people put messages on the 'chat' section, so if you post there, someone will reply! 

    There are often people on here in the early hours too (insomnia seems to be quite a common complaint!), so there will usually be someone around to chat with.

    Best wishes

    Candysmum....or Kate

  • Hi  Donny8

    I really cannot answer your question, and i would not be qualified to do so.

    Why don't you give the Macmillan number a ring, they have nurses there, that could advise you, and point you, in the right direction, as to where find out.

    I did not want you to think, there was no one about, always some one here.

    Please use the group, as we are all incurable, and support each other, in one way, or another

    We hold each other up, we can laugh, cry, rant, scream what ever you fill like at the times.


    Pleased to met you,

  • Hi Donny8, sorry to see you on the site but welcome any way, I have no knowledge of your cancer so can't give any advice, but I agree with Ellie ring Macmillan for help.

    Like you I can't be operated on, and just like everyone of the lovely group an an incredible incurable, we like a bit of fun.

  • Hi Donny! Welcome to the group that none of us asked for although our cancer is not the same we're in the same club unfortunately but better than having an horrific accident I suppose, I hope you find some good advice of some very lovely people 


  • Hi  

    I'm very sorry to read of your diagnosis and that there are no plans for treatment. I would assume that your care is now under your GP. Have the surgery been in contact? Do the district nurses come to see you? Just because there is no treatment for you, it doesn't mean that you have to suffer. There are ways of being kept comfortable and pain free. As Ellie suggested you could ring the helpline number and they will suggest contacts for you and will help and advise you. This is the link to contact

    Best regards 

    A x

    What is a Community Champion?

    I am a Macmillan volunteer. 

    Macmillan Support Helpline

    0808 808 00 00 

    7 days a week between 8am -8pm

  • Welcome to the forum Donny8, I'm sure it's not a place you want to be, but i hope you find all the help and support we all found and the forum can do the same for you, many on here are inoperable myself included, so you are among others who understand and want to help you any way we can, best wishes.


  • Hi Donna8 welcome to our very friendly, caring, supportive group. I see you've been given  ideas to get some professionals to point you in the right direction, so all I'll say is keep posting , let off steam. Tell us how you are getting on and just chat about your day. We have laughs as well.  Chat soon xx


  • Hi Donny8,  A very warm welcome,sorry a bit late but we were driving home yesterday after having a weeks break! As usual the good people in this group have already welcomed you here. Although we all have different cancers, diagnosed at different times but the thing we all have in common is being incurable!

    I do hope by now you have contacted the McMillan Helpline or maybe you are waiting until tomorrow morning to phone your GP. You could already contacted the Link Sistermoon added to her reply. I clicked on your username to find out a bit more about you ( you can do this with anyone's username) like how long ago you were diagnosed etc but you haven't yet filled in your Profile Page!  Please keep in touch here or in the Chat Group where hopefully you will find the support you need!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Donny

    I am sorry you find yourself here. I don’t have your cancer but my brother in law did. It sounds like your cancer is blocking your bile ducts and causing jaundice. My brother in law found palliative care services were somewhat disjointed with his GP prescribing the morphine and other drugs he needed; the district nurses giving care, and some involvement from a hospice. If you haven’t done so already, make sure your GP (assuming the hospital consultant has discharged you) arranges a palliative care assessment. It’s also worth contacting a local hospice, not just for end of life care, but for what they can do now. I know it’s not an easy cancer to live with, and hope you can get some relief from pain and discomfort. 

  • Hello Donny8

    Just wondering how you are getting on? Have you been able to access some support and advice?

    I hope you are OK at the moment.