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Good evening,

Just wanted to introduce myself.  I'm Victoria 50, I'm a single mum to Rosie (11), Max (19) and live in the South West.

I was diagnosed with stage 1 breast cancer (×2 tumors) back in 2013.  After constant visits to the doctors in 2022 with headaches and other symptoms I was eventually diagnosed 14 months later with stage 4 mets to brain, liver and lungs.

I'm currently on oral chemo and lots of other meds and supplements.

Hoping that finding and joining this community will make things/days a little easier - with smiles along the way!

I'm currently still employed by the Police as a 999 call operator/officer dispatcher- I've not been able to work for the last year - expecting to get I'll health retirement next month.

Hoping that finding and joining this community will make things/days a little easier - with smiles along the way!

  • Welcome though sorry your have had to join.

    Welcome always some one about, to chat to, or have a moan to or what ever your mood is at the time, we have all done it.

    Great bunch f people all with a different cancer, though, we all belong to the same club, and it is a lovely club, in many ways, though we have all met through the same circumstances.

    I would not have got this far, with out it, some one can always answer any questions, i may have, we support each other in.

    many ways, others will come along to welcome you, fill free to use any of the threads, and if you have a special topic can always start a thread and people will know, it is about that topic.


  • Hello Viictoriab73 and a very warm welcome to the forum, though nobody wants to be here in the first place , you will find everyone here here friendly and supportive and willing to help you in anyway we can. We can be serious and  compassionate when we have to be but like to chat and have a laugh as well, Though mostly ladies, there are a few guys as well and I'm sure hey will all be along soon to welcome you to your new club, take care.


  • Welcome Victoria. As it has already been said we all support each other on our journey. We share our joys and our sorrows and it's a place where you can just be YOU and where you're at. Looking forward to getting to know you. You've had an interesting job.

    Judy xx

  • Hi  Victorian73, sorry to read your story.   I to have secondary breast cancer in lungs and spine, diagnosed in April 2021.  My treatment  is letrozol ,imbrance  and a monthly injection.   Its so tough  to be diagnosed  with secondary.   You are happily  going  about your life and all of a sudden you are in turmoil.  I hope you have a good treatment  plan and its managing to  keep it under control.  Sometimes  it feels like this isn't  happening  to and its very surreal. Good luck and take good care of yourself.

  • Hi Victoria, A warm welcome to the Group. I hope we will get to know you in the coming months and years and that you get everything from the group and support you need!

    Love Annette x

    Yesterday is History, Tomorrow is a Mystery, Today is a Gift!!!
  • Hi Victoria, its a ruff ride we'er on same journey and illness. There are times when you feel why me and think no body understands how you feel, you don;t tell loved one's cos you don;t want to upset them. jump on here and let off steam have a rant a cry, join in the banter , talk about what your up to, type of day your having. Listen to your body hungry eat tired sleep ect. Most of all be kind to yourself. Looking forward to chatting. Take care xx


  • Hi Victoria, we have similar stories though I was fast tracked when I had breathing difficulties in 2022. I have lung and bone mets and am on Palbociclib and anastrozole for treatment alongside deodorant injections for bone strength. I’m 54 with kids 25 and 22 but they still seem too young to be coping with this. My husband (their dad) was diagnosed with high grade non Hodgkin’s lymphoma just before Christmas but is now responding well to chemotherapy. Anytime you want to pm me I’d be happy to chat. I’m in a marvellous secondary breast cancer group if you’re interested. They have been a great support. I like your positive outlook, wanting smiles along the way, it’s the only way to do it I think. 
    Lots of love

    Jac x

  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to read of your diagnosis and I'm sorry I'm late to welcome you. A very warm welcome to our corner of the online community. We are a great bunch of people here, very friendly and supportive. My profile is on if you would like to read, just click on my username. It is a good idea to write a profile yourself as it helps others in their replies to you and it saves you repeating yourself. Just click on your own username then profile and save when you have written it. I got ill health retirement from the NHS last January. Hope yours goes smoothly. Take care.

    A x

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  • Hello Victoria, just seen your post. Welcome to the gang and I hope to get to know you soon. We all support one another and there's always somebody on here to talk with. Rainie x