"Are you sure you want to report this post?" button

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For a few years now I, along with many others, have been calling for a button with the above wording because it is so easy for me to accidentally hit the Flag to moderator button. When I was posting regularly I used to have to contact the moderators at least once daily to apologise for pressing the button. 

Although my exaggerated jerking has been much more of a problem lately, I have been having many dozens of minor jerking or tremors daily and that's manifesting itself in selecting the wrong letters so I need to return and rewrite part of the message which is time consuming especially when the rewritten part also contains errors!  

So earlier this morning I set about replying to a post and of course my reply contained jerking errors but when I looked at the screen I was pleasantly surprised to see a message that said Do you really want to report this? I clicked on "No" and continued to write the remainder of the post.

Thank you to all who have been involved in setting up that button, it's such a relief for me and of course others who have been championing the case for the new button. 

Tvman x