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August I was diagnosed with T4 N0 M1 ( peritoneal disease adenocarcinoma of the stomach ( linitis) ,CPS and HER2 .

The stomach lining is thickening and the term used is Linitis plastica . The Ct scan showed the entire stomach lining is thickening.consistant with features of Linitis and peritoneal disease of pelvis 
 This type of cancer is not curable / resectable . 
The prognosis is months.
Since my 1st ct scan in July my cancer has not grown and my symptoms are stable ,so given I am still healthy enough ..I  have opted for to try palliative  chemotherapy( Capox)  plus target drug therapy (Herceptin)
Has anyone else opted for palliative chemotherapy and or Herceptin 
I hope this makes sense 
  • Hello Quirky, a good name for this forum!

    I am glad you are Stabel Mabel as we call it!

    I’m a man with prostate cancer so not able to answer you question, someone will be along to do so. Best wishes.

  • Hi i am sorry you have had to come here, though you are welcome.

    I have a different cancer, though incurable as every one else, though treatable.

    I have no knowledge of this type of cancer, i hope others, that may have a better idea, of it  come along, to reply to you, i am sure they will.

    We  are all on this journey together, and you will get support, we all do, when and if needed,

  • Good morning Quirky, sorry you've had to join our thread. We'er all incurable but treatable. If there's treatment there is hope, thats how I look at it anyway. My cancer is in verious places and was given 12 to 18 months 4 years ago but I'm still here. Its very hard to deal with out diagnosis at first but it does get easier in time but still get down days sometimes . i hope you have  good support from family and friends. Weather you have the treatment or not is your choice  nobody elses. Do keep posting . If you click on anyones picture or chair you can read our stories. Be kind to yourself. xx


  • Hi  

    Good news that your cancer is stable and you are to have treatment. I had palliative chemotherapy last year which was successful and no active cancer was seen on end of treatment CT (but that doesn't mean it's not there, so said the oncologist). Palliative chemotherapy is normal dose, the palliative bit refers to why it is given. I found chemo hard going but I would have it again. I lost all hair, eyelashes and eyebrows got to me a bit. The main symptoms I had were extreme thirst and dry mouth, constipation and heartburn. It's good news that you can have treatment, I have been stable now for 1 year. Click on my username if you would like to read my story. Best wishes for your treatment.

    A x

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  • Thankyou so much for replying. I have just  read your story and it's so encouraging.  I really wasn't sure about starting treatment but realising if it can give me more time it's worth it . I am also aware that it may not be . I have a further Ct scan in Dec and hoping this will give me insight into whether the treatment is worth continuing until mid Feb.  

  • Hi Quirky Lady, Welcome to this Group. I have a different. Cancer from you that doesn't respond to Radiotherapy or Chemotherapy but I agreed to go on a trIal Target Drug and it saved my life.

    It is terrific you are feeling well and your cancer is Stable! In our situation I think anything your oncologist suggests, is worth a try, after all they wouldn't recommend it if they didn't think it had a good chance of working! Good luck!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi,

    My cancer is different, but it was inoperable, I opted for palliative chemotherapy which they said might give me a year, perhaps longer. Over 2 years later I have no active disease. I am not currently on any cancer treatments, I have CT scans every 4 months to check for recurrence. It was definitely worthwhile for me. See my bio for more details.

    Best wishes