Advanced metastatic prostate cancer

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Diagnosed with advanced metastatic prostate cancer at 52 years old multiple bony metastases which is incurable had 6 chemo doxataxel 6 radiotherapy and on prostap 3 till cancer returns still working but on reduced hours,suffer from hot flushes and tiredness andlow energy levels but otherwise ok.still find hard to deal with day to day and trying to understand what happens in the future 

  • Hi sorry you have had to come here..

    As you may gathered i have a different cancer, though we do have a few males  with Prostate Cancer.

    Though hey any questions you have some one will be able to answer or just generally support you,.

    I have done chemo, had radiotherapy and immunotherapy, and still standing.

    We all support each  other and, we laugh, scream cry rant, but we are all here to have that moan.

    I just take each day as it comes and goes, some days are better than  others.

    I am well past my sell by date as along with quiet a few others,

    Just wanted to welcome you.

  • Hi   I’m in the same situation, surgery, chemo and lifelong hormone, I’m working full time (although from home) emotionally it’s very hard, but getting better, I have b12 injections with hormone. Also on antidepressants sertraline which helps.

  • Hi Masrat. Got the same as you. Beat my prognosis by more than 5 years, you can do the same. There is so much research going into our cancer, you really can be hopeful of the future.

    eventually you will see it as a nuisance, nothing more that that.

    it takes some time to come to terms with it but you will, I am sure of that.

    goid luck.

  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to read of your diagnosis but a warm welcome to the group. I am currently stable after treatment, if you want to read my profile just click on my username. It's a good idea to write a profile yourself as it helps others in their replies to you and saves you repeating yourself. Just click on your own username then profile and save. This is a friendly supportive group and there will be lots of replies to welcome you.

    A x

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