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Hi All

I was diagnosed “Smouldering Myeloma “ in December 2022 to say it was a shock is an absolute understatement !

It was found completely by accident from a routine blood test Face palm tone2‍ when I got the call to say I had been placed under the care of Clatterbridge Cancer Hospital, I was like WHAT ! I had never even heard of it before. Anyway here I am on a “Watch and Wait “ with bloods every 8 to 10 weeks and then the dreaded results appointment with my consultant where I am told yay or nay ! So so far so good I haven’t yet move over to the treatment stage. I know one day I won’t be lucky Four leaf clover x

  • Hi Letty

    So sorry to hear your news but it's great they've picked it up so early so try to hang onto that. Myeloma can smolder for years, a small consolation I hope x. I too have Myeloma but it wasn't discovered until it had progressed into my spine - I'm now in my 4th year of treatment after having had a stem cell transplant in Jan 2020. If there's any comfort it's that chemo is largely non invasion when it happens. I know we all react differently to treatment but try to stay positive and I'm keeping everything crossed for your next appointment. Take care Gill

  • Hi  

    I'm sorry to read of your diagnosis but a warm welcome to the group. I am currently stable after treatment, if you would like to read my profile, just click on my username. It is a good idea to write a profile yourself as it helps others in their replies to you and saves you repeating yourself. Just click on your own username, then profile and save. This group is very supportive and there will be lots of replies to welcome you.

    A x

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