Hello, life is really unfair

  1. This all started 2 years ago, l had a gastric sleeve done, so that l could lose weight and have an operation on my spine, as it was fused due to an undiagnosed fracture. Operation went well, l had a follow up appointment with my doctor.  I had been feeling a little ill but had, had a nasty headache. 
  2. Well fast forward the docs appt, l was rushed to hospital with sepsis,  e-coli and a servere kidney infection, and a month in hospital.  I had so many scans, blood tests etc but eventually l was allowed home. 
  3. A week later on my daughters 14th birthday l had the first call, while looking at your scans we can see some cancer in your womb, blow number one, 2nd one was a few days later, there were some shadows on my left lung. Operation for the womb cancer was a total hysterectomy and everything  removed, operation number 2, l had 2/3rds of my left lung removed which has left me breathless.
  4. Then the final call, although your gall bladder hasnt worked for years there is some activity going on So another operation needed, gall bladder removed, some liver removed.  Then of course the results, cancer was in the gall bladder and not contained but liver was ok. 
  5. I had chemo by tablet form, side affects were awful and got worse with each round. Then it changed to chemotherapy through a drip which took all day, and left me feeling very sleepy Sleeping after a few sessions of this we had a follow up appointment with my consultant. 
  6. Didnt think  things could get any worse, but we were then informed that none of the chemo had worked at all, there was nothing more to be done.  So 4 months ago, we were given the news that l may have 6 months if lm lucky, l am now on end of life, theres been so many tears, bucket list done, memory boxes done, funeral paid for. No-one can believe how my life is turning out. I hope l will be here in November for my birthday, lm going through my journey bit by bit.  I wasnt scared of dying but now its coming closer and closer and l am getting more and more scared. 
  • I’m so sorry, your posts have been so helpful to others.

    I would like to hope that there could be something around the corner to offer some help.

    I didn’t use to do prayers but now and again I do, so here’s a big one for you and yours. X

  • I’m so so sorry, what a horrible thing to happen.

    at the moment I am finding some peace from knowing other members of my family don’t have it and instead it feels like now’s my time to take one for the team.

    im sending you the biggest hug Hugging 

    wishing you well for the coming months xx

  • Hi  

    I'm so sorry to read of your situation, it must have been an awful shock. Our stories are a bit similar but I didn't have a lung op and luckily, my treatment was successful. I've been stable after treatment for one year but I will be in your position at some unknown point.

    Is there anyone you could speak to to help you with your fears. Maybe someone from the hospice or a chaplain or priest maybe. I hope you can find some peace and that you are kept comfortable and pain free. Thinking of you.

    A x

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  • Hi lesleysmum, it's not often I'm lost for words, I'm sorry to see you have had such a bad time. I'm looking forward to sending you an e-birthday and Christmas cards