From "curable" to "a few weeks"...

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Hello folks,

Been a member of the head and neck forum for a while now and suggested worth me popping in here given my latest news. Gone from curable tongue cancer, through radical surgery, rt/chemo and for a new neck occurrence and the hope that suitable for immunotherapy to buy me some more time. 

Will do some reading and if I can help in any way just ask... 

  • Hi GeneS

    Sorry you now have had, to come to this group, though you are very welcome.

    I do not have the cancer you have, i hope you are suitable for immunotherapy, which i have had, after chemo, and for me, was so much kinder, and i had it every three weeks, for two years, with really good results.

    There are different ones,  now, the one i was offered, it had only just been lessened by nice, when i went on it.though it is now used, for loads of different types cancer.

    Every one will help you the best they can, you can ask anything and everything.

    Others will be along i am sure.


  • Hi  

    I'm very sorry to read of your incurable diagnosis. I've read your profile and I'm sorry that the cancer has returned so soon. A warm welcome to the group,. I'm sorry that you find yourself here but we are a good crowd, very friendly and supportive. We like a laugh, which is usually dark humour. I am currently stable, I finished treatment last September. There are apparently new treatments for my type of cancer but I suspect that they are immunotherapy based and I've already been told that immunotherapy is not suitable for my cancer.

    Keep in touch and let us know how you're getting on. There is likely to be lots more replies to welcome you.

    A x

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  • Hi GeneS, Just wanted to say a warm welcome to this incredible Group. We all have different cancers but have all been told Incurable.

    Please don't think this may be the end for you, that's what we all thought but lots of us have passed our sell by date due to the incredible advances in cancer drugs. Immunotherapy has been working well for quite some time now and the hope is it buys you more time and by then they will have come up with something for your specific cancer! You will find out I love "sayings" like "where there's life there's Hope!

    Love Annette x

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  • Hi Genes

    I'm glad you have found the group, so sorry you have to be here, you'll find everyone here lovely, helpfull and supportive.

    Hope your doing well today.

    Cat x

  • Hi GeneS, bit like you I’ve gone from diagnosis to here in about 18 months. The daft thing is I’ve not felt unwell, other than during post-op recovery and chemo. Like others have said there are plenty of stories on here from people who have kept going. I found reading those stories helped. For me, the prognosis also brought a strange kind of peace but appreciate everyone is different. I’m living for the now!

    Kind regards.