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Hi, joined this forum following an early recurrence of a rare bowel cancer. My profile tells my story in more detail. Particularly interested to hear from forum members with SRCC and/or FND.

  • Hi MIB ( I'll us initials, to much typing otherwise) Wellcome to our group of incuracles, not a good place to meet but we're here anyway. This is a supportive, laugh cry moan, rant we all have at some time.

    Like you I had bowel cancer and surgery 2018, genetic test showed Lynch syndrome which can spread cancer. October 2019 spread and inoperable and incurable. Press my picture you can read my story. I'm well over my sell by date. 

    You'll get lots of support advice encouragment and people will jump on here to welcome  you.

    Take care and keep posting xx


  • Hi Moi. Thanks for the welcome. Read your story - sounds tough - but looks like things are, hopefully, stabilising enough for you to take a treatment break. Keep fighting.


  • Hi MIB, ye but we're all going through tuff times but we just keep on keeping on. I find taking 1 day at a time and listen to your body. If your tired rest, feel like crying, then cry, eat well and exercise, I walk and dance about like a mad woman. My oncologist tells me what to do and I do it and get on with my life.

    Try popping into Lovely Morning chit chat 15, to say hello, and get to know us . It can get silly at times. Have a good day xx


  • Hi  

    I'm very sorry to read that you are now incurable and therefore find yourself here with us. A very warm welcome to the group. I've read your profile and although our cancers are different, it somehow reminded me of my own cancer story last year. My profile is there if you would like to read. I can empathise with your comment about finding peace at finally knowing where you're at with it all. Although it was devastating to be told I was stage 4 I remember feeling the same peace, the worry and wondering was finished. 

    You will find lots of support here, we all know how each other feels as we are all in the same boat. We understand, when sometimes friends and family may be well meaning but the words don't always come out right. Keep posting.

    A x

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  • Hi Sistermoon. Thanks for the message. In the short time I’ve been on the forum it has been reassuring to learn that appropriate palliative care can help with managing symptoms and keep us going.

    Kind regards.


  • Cancer returned last November. Two different chemo treatments tried. Cancer still progressing in liver and lung. No more hospital can do. Living each day,enjoying life. Getting away as often as possible. Great support from family and friends. Sometimes life deals you a bad hand,you can  decide to throw your hand in or make the best of the cards you have been dealt. I am making the best of the hand I have been dealt. It's difficult sometimes, but I still want to do things for as long as I can. 


  • Thanks. Positivity has been my watchword throughout the last year and half and that isn’t going to change now. Like you I’ll make the best of the cards I’ve been dealt and live life to the full for as long as I can. 


  • Hi MiB, I'm sorry I am late to welcome you to the Group but better late than never, so they say! I'm hoping your Team will come up with a Trial drug you can try! The main thing to remember is no one knows when they will die and even the professionals are guessing when they give you a prognosis. There are many here including myself that have passed there expected sell by date, so there is always hope.

    Like a lot of others here I try to just take it a day at a time, if I need to rest, I rest, if I feel like doing a bit of gardening then I can last about 20-30 minutes then sit for a while. My life is at a much slower pace but I'm still here to watch our grandchildren grow and that'll do for me, for now!

    Hi Headchef and welcome! Yes doing what you can when you feel like it is the best way!

    Love Annette x

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