Hi I'm new to this forum and thought I would give it ago because it will be full of people who know how I feel and maybe have coping mechanisms that I haven't thought about. 

I'm 51 and have 2 wonderful teenage boys 17 and 14 and a good husband. I've not hid anything from my boys or my husband however sometimes I feel like they don't get what's happening to me. I haven't said it out right  that ultimately I'm dying and I don't want them to worry unnecessarily . I think because I'm still working full time and look well, they really don't think anything is up. I suppose all I want sometimes is them to ask me when I get in from work ( I do get very tired with lack of motivation), how's your day. Do you want a cup of tea. 

Do I need to be more direct. I'm due chemo again and not sure how I will be. Frowning2