New here

Hello fellow sufferers, I'm new here although diagnosed 6 years ago. Prostate cancer.

  • hello itisme. Trust you will find encouragement here. If it’s just to chat or share. We are a friendly bunch who meet you where you’re at. 



  • Welcome though sorry you are here.

    Others will come along and welcome you as well,

    A lot of support if and when you need it,


  • Hi  

    Welcome to the group, I'm sorry to find you here but you're very welcome. You'll find lots of friendly support here, as you have already found out. We like a laugh and most of us have a quirky sense of humour, usually on the dark side.

    I hope you're doing ok, if you feel you need to speak to someone the Macmillan phone lines are open and they are very helpful. This is the link to contact

    It's a good idea to write something on your profile, it helps others get to know you and saves you repeating yourself. If you click on my username, you can read mine. Just click on your own username then profile to write it. I know we have other members here that have prostate cancer.

    It takes a while to process the news of being incurable, it did for me anyway. There are new treatments and trials coming out all the time and a lot of people here will say that they have passed their sell by date (outlived their prognosis). As a group, we prefer to say we are incurable but treatable (rather than terminal). I know you'll find lots of support here, we're a good bunch.

    A x

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  • A warm welcome to the group  I hope you find the group helpful.


    Try to be a rainbow,in somebody else's cloud
    Maya Angelou

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  • I'm sure I will, thank you Bella.

  • Hello newbie,

    Welcome to the gang. Hope to get to know you. Everybody is very friendly and there's a nice lot of whacky humour about to lighten things up.


  • Thank you. People do find me strange so hopefully I will fit in!

  • Welcome stranger x