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I had breast cancer in 2014. Double mastectomy chemo and rads then womb cancer in 2021. Hysterectomy chemo and rads. Recurrence I’m February. I was due an op but it was cancelled at the last minute because the tumour had doubled in size. I was told yesterday by phone  it’s now in the chest. I’m in bits. Waiting for a referral back to oncology. From what I’ve googled prognosis is bleak. I’m in a constant state of anxiety. No treatment plan yet or anything. X

  • Hi Sue

    I am so sorry, you are finding your self here, though you are very welcome.

    I cannot answer what the outcome may be, but needed to just let you, know, some one is listening and hear you.

    You have had a lot to contend with, in more ways than none, i fill for you.

    Every one here will support you, nothing, is to much trouble, we support each other, in every way, in good times and not so good.

    Google is the bad thing, when wanting to find anything out, so sorry that is what you may have done.

    Others will come in they always do and offer support,

    You can scream, shout, rant, cry or laugh and we do that as well./

    Was not nice, to be told that over the phone, though done now, waiting is the hardest, and everyone, will be putting their heads together, to work out the best way forward,


  • Hello Sue

    sorry you are in a scary place right now. But hang in there, you will be looked after by the cancer team. Easier said than done, I know. Google is not always pacific to our particular cancer it’s usually general so not helpful.   
    As Ellie has said, we support each other in this group so do stay in touch. 
    Thinking of you 

    Judy xxxx

  • Hi  

    Pleased you've found your way here. Stop googling, I did that and thought I was definitely a goner. I know you'll find plenty of support here. Hope you get a plan soon,

    A x

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  • Dear Sue, I am truly sorry to hear that your operation was cancelled at the last minute. I certainly hope and wish for you to hear back from oncology as soon as possible with a treatment plan. Please don’t Google, I know it seems a good place to get info but like SisterMoon said, it can give us a picture of you haven’t got much longer etc. To cut a long story short, my nurse had to reassure me recently that there is no evidence that I only have 3 months to live. This was after googling my recent progression.  You will find this group a reassuring and safe space with humour and advice too. Very best wishes to you xxxxxx.

  • Welcome Sue

    Keeping everything crossed for you.

    Cat x

  • Hi Suewoo

    You have been through the mill, hopeful each time that the treatment has worked, now you are here. So sorry and to be told over the phone is rubbish. There is so much that can be done now and your medical team will have lots of ideas. Sorry that they haven’t been more reassuring but that seems to be the pattern I think. The early diagnosis doctors don’t seem as hopeful and you will be passed onto an oncologist who will have had experience of your diagnosis and how best to treat you. Do not Google! We’ve all done it and scared ourselves silly. The information there is very out of date and medicine is progressing all the time. For some reason the good news doesn’t get passed onto Google. waiting is the worst bit. Try and take your mind off it if you can, easier said than done but anything you can do, counselling, relaxation techniques, running or whatever does it for you. We are here for you to rant and moan in the meantime. Big hugs to you

    Jac x

  • Hi Sue, my god you really have had an awful time. I agree with everyone, stay off Google, its totally out of date. Your team will be working out the best course of treatment for you.  Remember there are always New Trials out there if there's one suitable for you. As all the others have said we are here for you as we all know waiting is the worse. Try anything uou think will help you Reiki is very relaxing as many of use have tried it. I'm sending hugs and good vibes. Keep posting xx


  • Thank you. I’m off to our local cancer care on Thursday as they offer all sorts of therapy. We are away in our caravan in southport at the mo. Felt the need to escape. I just keep crying.  Xx

  • Oh Sue I know how uou feel Southport  is my regular escape day out go there alot only a short drive from Liverpool. 

    It hits uou like that sometimes, the crying . That's when I need to escape.Looking at the sea relaxes me, not that the tide is in very ofter when in Southport lol. Try to enjoy your stay there, sometimes a change of scenery helps Wink xx


  • Hi Suewoo, Know you're scared and just wanted to say let it all out here. We get it. Rant away as needed. Fingers crossed for you and hugs to you. Hang on in there girl Rainie x