Never stopped

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Well from getting up I've had dog on long walk.scrubbed my sons kitchen out did 3 loads of washing for them.hoovered all downstairs and mopped floors now cuppa tea time. Oh and I cleaned bathroom .I will sleep tonight . Thats unless millman comes at daft clock and the dog barking wakes me up. Does anyone else get milk delivered through the night. Last time he came 1 am . I didnt no milkman still existed lol x

  • Hi Bev

    I think your son's going to go away more often with what you've done !! I feel exhausted just reading it ! 

    I don't have the milkman, but my neighbour still gets his pint delivered each day, i've seen him arrive sometimes, around 3ish in the morning, when i've had to get up for meds. 

    He drives an electric van, so is as quiet as a mouse.

    Cat x

  • Our neighbour has cows milk delivered and the van always has his headlights on full beam which wakes us, and I guess, everybody else up in the early hours. As my sleep is awful, this is especially annoying. You sound very industrious. I hate housework. I know some people enjoy it.  Rainie x

  • We had milk delivered for many years and they used to drop off at 00:30.  Sometimes I was still up and put it in the fridge before I went to bed.  

  • Talking about milk deliveries and Cat's neighbourhood milkman in an electric van, reminds me of the milk float common in the 1970s ->