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So tomorrow I'm of to my sons to mind the dog n 2 cats till next Thursday. I hope you all come along on my little journey and I will be posting pics ( if I can work out how to ) he lives in Newcastl but nowere near the town centre so if I want to browse the shops I have to get the metro. I'm not good with directions so I cud end up anywere Joy hope you are all keeping well and good news is next week we supp to have great weather so no.doubt ill cut his grass x

  • Sounds like fun, Bev. I  have two small dogs and they certainly keep me busy. I;ve never been to the Metro Centre by bus but I do enjoy a good wander around  there now and then. Have fun. xxx

  • Oooh an adventure, exciting! Have fun Bev and don’t forget the pics! 
    Jac x

  • Have a lovely stay. I have a friend who has lived variously in Jesmond and South Shields and is now at Alnwick, so I've got to know the area over the years. I love the beaches up there and enjoyed the city too.  Rainie x

  • Yes please to joining you on your adventure! If you get lost or head off in a different direction, we’ll be with you Heart️. A dog and 2 cats - that sounds fab to me and I am sure you will have a lovely time.  Many years’ ago,  I had a friend who lived in Morpeth and although I love driving, when I’d visit and stay with her, I’d catch the train up to Newcastle and then her Dad would collect me from the station.  I agree with Ranieday - as well as beautiful countryside around there with gorgeous heather and gorse,  I remember seeing beautiful sandy beaches, from the train if I am recalling correctly... Safe travels, ENJOY and yes please to photos! Sunnyxxxxxx.

  • ooooh yep to pics.   It's the bottom menu Insert>image/video/file.   

  • Aw Bev you ve made me chuckle, good luck on your journey, keep us posted xxxx

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  • Oh this will be fun...you get lost and the poor doggy's are searching for you lol. Have a great time and yes please pictures for us.

  • Hi Bev2022

    Thankyou for the invitation to join in your journey. I look forward to being po art of it and having some fun along the way with you.

    Have great fun hugs Donna

  • So wen on the train. A very packed train it is. But I squezzed seat were prams go Rofl let's hope no1 woth a pram.or pushchair gets on .hope everyone is well x

  • Hi Bev sounds like fun. Have a great time xx