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What a group to be able to join! As I am sure we all feel, I NEVER expected this to be an option.

I am finding this all a bit tough going at the moment. My head is full of doom, which contradicts my desire to beat the odds! I am not following a special diet, I have days where energy levels are on the floor. I want to get out and live life, but not sure how the heck I do that!

Just typed out my 'bio'. Flipping 'eck, this is the weirdest phase of life I've ever had!

I didn't realise this group existed. I love my cancer specific group, but this is soooooo much better for my sanity, we are all in the same boat just different compartments.

Thank you for typing your posts, I have not felt relatable and part of the world for months!

  • Thank you to  for directing me this way!

  • Hi welcome though sorry you have had to find us.

    You will get a lot of support, from each and everyone, we where all new once, so know how people fill.

    Ask anything you wish, some one will always come back, if they have the answer, or they may be having the same problem as you.

    It is a hard bumble road, we are all on, though not all doom and gloom, we like to laugh, rant, scream or cry.what ever is effecting you at the time.


  • Welcome to the group  . As  says you will find lots of support here. Just read your profile, you've been through the mill and still going.

    I think it was  that suggested the group though, I can't take credit. Remember that she mentioned about the Macmillan phone lines if you need to talk to someone. This is the link https://www.macmillan.org.uk/about-us/contact-us

    Ask your CNS/ hospital team about referral for support, counselling, therapies. Accept all the help and support on offer. I'm pleased you've found us here, everyone is friendly and supportive and will offer you their experience as we all know how you feel.

    A x

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  • Wave Hi there!  Wave   I'm pleased to hear you feel at home here.  Totally relate to telling the teens.   

  • Yes, you are right! Thank you to   for highlighting the group for me. 

  • A warm welcome JB. I too have endometrial cancer. My journey has been a bit different, but if you have a read you'll see where I'm at now. All good wishes and hugs from Rainie x

  • Hi jb2022 welcome to the incurable incurables group

  • Welcome JB. I am sure you will find a warm welcome and even though it was a destination none of us wished to reach, here we all are. You will find a lot of humour here and a lot of life still to be lived. Speak to you soon.

  • Hello JB, a very warm welcome to you. You have found the right place for humour, understanding, no need for explanations - people who ‘get it’, recommendations on books Grinning,  and no-filtered honesty about our feelings and emotions too. I wish you all the very best and look forward to getting to know you. xxxxxxxxxxx

  • hI  welcome to the group, but so sorry you find yourself here. I was diagnosed with endometrial sarcoma at the age of 39, trying to make the medical professions understand there was a problem was a fight in itself. Constantly being told you are too young, its just your hormones...... 

    Sorry you are finding it tough at the moment. I hope this group helps, we all do understand how you feel, that's for sure x 


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