Been lazy.

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Well ive sat all day on this couch..and had little sleep .now I'm fuming with meslf for wasting a day. But my get up n go as gone.i have no motivation at all . And I can't seen to snap out of this mood I've got meself in. Does anyone else have days like this. In my head I'm goin here there and everywhere and doing alsorts but in reality I'm just sat thinking wat can I eat next . I've been goin to hoover for 2 days and hoover still sat there  takes me all my time to make a cup.of tea. I need a focus but all I've ever done is work so I have never had any hobbies . Thanks for reading this moan ha ha 

  • Hi Bev yes I think we all get down days. I'll be laying in bed feeling down in the end I give myself a talking to eg get out of this bed and get in the shower you lazy b__ch. Then get dressed. Most times it works and it's just to get me out of the bed really. We all have our own little way of getting us moving. Try not eating before the hoovering is done.  I hope uou feel a better mood soon. Sending hugs xx


  • I think its cos basically I'm friendless now. Everyone basically has left me be. I don't even get a txt asking how I am. Well u always find out who ur friends are in time of need don't u  . I wish we all lived close by so we cud all do lunch days and have a good old chatter and moan x

  • I think spending time resting is vital. You need to regroup, build up your internal defences and do however much or little feels right on any given day. We are all still here and that's something to be celebrated. People come and go in our lives and there's often not much we can do about that. Take everything at your own pace and don't feel

  • Oh yes, been there Bev! Spent whole weeks doing just that. My Pilates teacher said I can tell you haven’t been moving much Jac, it’s affected your balance. That got me a bit more motivated as I don’t want to fall and break a precious bone. I’ve booked myself into things and made myself do stuff. Housework still didn’t get done but at least I was doing stuff. Can you get in touch with the friends and offer a walk together? Is there anything you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t had time? Where are you? Perhaps we could get together for a moan! I get together with a group from Facebook who are local and all have secondary breast cancer like me. That helps a lot. Hope you can get your mojo back

    love Jac x

  • Hello Bev, the kind of day you’ve described does happen to all of us at one time or another.  I agree with the advice and wise words already said.  It sounds like you’re struggling to have a routine and also, then giving yourself a hard time for not feeling you’ve achieved anything. I am definitely no expert but I try and achieve just a few things each day.  It might be that I had a shower that day or I literally did a short  burst of housework. It might be useful to have a list of 3 things that you want to try and achieve each day. If you get 3 done, then great but definitely aim for one task each day. Is there a Community Centre near you, where you could pop in for a coffee morning or a craft class? Are there any friends you could get back in touch with by text and suggest meeting for a short walk, a chat and a coffee? I was a workaholic for many years and when I left work, it took me a long time to adjust and to find a new purpose and routine.  Also, do rest too - I am now really into Podcasts and will drift off into a snooze listening to one. I then have to rewind the podcast when I wake up!  Hang on in there, one day at a time and I hope you are still going on your coach trip xxxxxxxx.

  • Oh Bev, I'm the girl who is very choose who I befriend. I've found the people I thought would stick like glue after diagnosis are the one's who stood down and the 3 I never even thought about have turned out to be the most supportive. People don't no what to say to us. Some scared òf upsetting us or are just scared of cancer. Yes it would be lovely if we could all meet up but alas we're all over the place so we are virtual friends xx


  • It's true what you say. People are afraid of saying something inappropriate or just getting the words wrong. For what it's worth, as long as the words are kindly meant they are usually okay, I find. I suppose having this horrible disease in the 21st century means that at least we can talk to people who understand. xxx

  • Hi in Hartlepool. I wud absolutely love to meet up with anyone and everyone from this group. I think we would all have a great laugh a good moan and lots of tea and cake .we're u from x

  • Hi Bev

    Yep been there and still do it !! i get days where i just sleep.

    Sometimes it's just for a day and sometimes it can be up to three days. My head is telling me to get motivated, but my body is telling it to go away not very politely !!!! At times, I too have to give myself a damn good talking to to get motivated again.

    I'm not able to work now and i live on my own, so to get out and see people i go into town for coffee each day. By doing that i have got to know other regulars, i have met some lovely people. Somedays though i have to really push myself to go, but glad i did when i get back.

    I also get days when i find it hard to talk physically, which makes it harder to go out or meet up with people. It would be too easy to sit at home on those days, but I'm determind  not to give into it.

    Hope your having a good day today Slight smile

    Cat x

  • Hi cat  you sound just like me.  If I no im going somewhere I'm up washed ready  .if I'm not going anywere I laze about then get in a mood with myself lol. Worse when you live alone as no-one there to push you into not been lazy. I sleep through day from sheer bordem and laziness its not cos I'm tired. I'm of to flamingoland with my granddaughter tomorrow so I be up with the birds in the morning. Hope you are keeping well x