Early morning cuppa

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Morning you lovley lot. I been awake since 4 am gave in just after 5 and got up made cuppa..dont think I can sleep properly as I no my scan day will be soon.then consultant couple weeks after. Then to breathe a sigh of relief 2 go thru it all again in few months. Hope you are all well and have a lovely day.x

  • Morning you lovely person back! I hope you enjoyed your cuppa.  Upcoming scans bring so many thoughts and emotions. We may want and need to know the results and our oncologists do, but the results affect our emotions and lives. I am sending you a hug and hope you have a relaxing and restful day. xxxxxx

  • Morning Bev, totally get wherever you’re coming from, I think they call it scanxiety here! Hope you can keep busy today to keep your mind off it a bit

    Lots of love

    Jac x

  • Thankyou Ruby. I hope you enjoy your day x

  • Hi Bev I had my scam yesterday, was in the hospital for about 3 hours, very busy. My results are the 11th it'll be from know till then my scanziaty will start, can feel it starting. Fingers crossed for good results for us both. xx


  • Good morning everyone. 

    I had my scan on 8th march still waiting for results. The scan before that was 8 December 2022 I got those results 10 Feb 2023. I am so exhausted from waiting, I can't sleep and my stress levels are through the roof. I feel like they don't care and I don't matter to them, all I get when I ask about the results is we don't have them yet, so I don't know when I will be able to relax again. 

    So here I am still waiting, on a positive I wish you all a good day and I hope you get lots of nice Easter eggs.

    Hugs Donna

  • Oh Donna that's pants.  One of my scans was delayed and I phoned up radiology myself to ask whether the report was done yet.  This resulted in them putting an escalation flag on it and it arrived about a week later.  I phoned the number on the NHS appt letter.  Not sure whether that is worth a try for you?  

  • Have you got them yet Donna? A month is too long. Call them every day. Be a Ms Pest. Hugs. Rainie x

  • I waited 8 long months from my first scan to my diagnosis. I thort I was fine as I'd not heard anything then bang my whole world was turned upside down .so I no were you are coming from. Its not nice them keeping you waiting x