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Has anyone recently got insurance for goin abroad . My son wants me to go abroad but I've said it will cost more for insurance than the holiday 

  • Try www [dot] insurancewith [dot] com.  They were ok to insure me + family for £330 for a week in EU.  But once I added an outstanding [routine] nasal endoscopy investigation for a (presumed) side effect of my medication, insurance refused.   

    When they ask "are you terminal", they don't mean "incurable".  They mean have you had a conversation with your consultant advising your life expectancy is limited.  

    It's very much dependent on personal circumstance.    Some people have had a good quote from staysure. But for me, it was £1k definitely fitting the "unreasonable" tag. 

  •  Travel insurance forum for cancer patients 


    There is a travel insurance group, if you want to read more. The link is at the top of this reply.

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  • Hello Bev, I purchased an annual travel insurance package with ‘AllClear’ in January 2022. It did cost me approx £750 but I remember for one trip, it would have cost approx £350. As well as my cancer, I also have long-standing/chronic anxiety and depression so I do get ‘penalised’ and charged extra for that.   It might be worth your while just going online and getting a few quotes, several companies rejected me too, and then discuss it with your son. I know you’d like to visit Pompeii - me and my partner went there back in 2013 and it was an amazing and interesting place to visit. xxxx