Secondary breast cancer

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Hi I was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 and went through masectomey chemo. In 2020 just in lockdown my cancer returned although I never really think it went away. I know now it's incurable but treatable. I always knew one day it would return. Would love to chat with others in the same situation. 

  • Hello Evette, lots of people on here that share your problem. There is also a dedicated breast cancer group. 

    Hope you meet some new friends on here.

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    Hope so would love to meet some people 

  • You will do otherwise you will be stuck with me!

    Fill in some details on your profile so people can be nosy and help.

  • Hi Evette

    Backkite there is a secondary breast cancer group.

    I have a different cancer to you.

    Though in 2021,my daughter got diagnosis with breast cancer,and like you had a mastectomy, with Reconstruction from the stomach and all that went wrong, and got sepsis

    There is plenty of help here, have you joint the breast group, i cannot advise you on what is next, i know my daughter now has to have a second operation, to reconstruct the breast, there is always some thing to be done, it is a knock back, though like us  i was incurable from day one, and if i get to 16th March, will be seven years,

    So there is always Hope, not over till the fat lady sings, and this lady is not singing yet.

    Hope others come along to advise you, always here,.xxx

  • Hi  

    Welcome to the group that no one wants to be in. There are lots of lovely people here to chat to, the lovely morning threads are all just chat. Sorry to hear of your recurrence. My profile is there if you want to know my history, just click on my username. I am currently stable after treatment. There's always someone around to support you, take care.

    A x

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  • Hi again

    There is another new person here, with secondary breast cancer, looks at the threads just noticed it  xxx

  • Hi Evette

    i also have Secondary Breast Cancer. I think I answered you on another thread? Anyway, I have it in lungs and bones. Feel well other than when my lungs need draining. I’m on Palbociclib, anastrozole and denosumab injections. What treatment are you on and how are you doing? 
    love Jac x

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    I've just started new treatment EE I was on abemacilib and fulvestrant for 3 years hope this one lasts as long xx