Good morning.

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Good morning to this fabulous group of people. Its cold and wet here hope its better where you are. hugs. xx

  • Good morning to you from a cloudy SW Scotland. Had a lovely weekend with a visit from both my girls, husbands and grandsons. Exhausting times but so much fun x

  • Good morning Samaranda. Glad to read you have had a nice weekend with your family . Hope you have a great week too. x

  • Bright and sunny here in Durham. Glad you had a good time with your family. Looking forward to getting out and about later today.

  • Hi  , I read that you have had a lovely weekend involving visits from husbands! Is it true that some get on better with husbands much better after marriage than during marriage? I know you can only speak for yourself but maybe you know other women who have been divorced?

    Take care

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • Oops, TVman I think I should clarify, I've been married for 47 years to the one  husband. The husbands referred to are the husbands of my 2 daughters....

    Sorry for inadvertently misleading anyone.


  • JoyJoyJoyJoyJoy 

    My apologies   but it wasn't clear. I thought to myself, what a very friendly family!

    Take care

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • Good afternoon to you.

    It's bright and sunny here in the East Midlands, I had a lovely relaxing weekend, hope you have a good week's activities planned.

    Have fun Donna

  • Good evening Tricia

    It was lovely and sunny down in Eastbourne where I went for the weekend with my hubby and friends. We had such a lovely weekend. We walked 12 miles over the South Downs with a lovely pub lunch. Was good to know that I can still do it even with my rubbish lungs so feeling on top of the world. Beautiful breakfast in a quirky little cafe then a walk around the harbour before we came home to sit in a traffic jam for two hours 20 minutes from home! That’s Essex for you!

    Glad you all had a lovely weekend too, the good times fell so good don’t they? 

    love Jac x

  • Hi it sounds like a fabulous weekend. Im glad you had such a good time. Shame about the traffic jam lol. The most interesting thing i have done this weekend is the food shopping lol. Nice to speak to you again. Take care love Tricia. xx