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Hi there! Anyone in this forum has enrolled in clinical trials for AML? I am waiting to be enrolled in one. There is no treatment left for me not even to slow down my cancer. I always thought there would be something to slow the cancers down…

  • I do not have an answer, i really hope you have others come along, and hopefully, they have or going threw the same as you.

  • Hi Catarina, welcome to the group, but sorry you find yourself here. I am sorry to hear there is no more treatment available, but hopefully you can get onto a trial soon. 

    Hopefully someone who is on a trial will be along to share their experience with you x 


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  • Hi  , lovely to meet you but I so wish we were elsewhere.

    I too have a bone marrow cancer, mine is MDS, which is/can be a forerunner to AML. Currently I'm treatable and have been for almost 8 years but I can't help thinking about what I would do if it turned to AML. I don't dwell on it because I'm more a positive, glass half full person who thinks the worst isn't going to happen. I'm so sorry to hear that you have AML, did you have something like MDS beforehand? 

    I've just been researching AML and 24% who have it are still alive 5 years after diagnosis which seems fair enough to me, knowing that new treatments are being discovered and hopefully you will benefit from one. Perhaps someone will come on here with an answer to your question.

    Fingers crossed for you Catarina

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.