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Havnt filled my profile or anything in yet found my self on here just before Christmas I have plenty of friends and family I just feel helplesss at times like now can’t really say why feel a little silly but writing this on here is a step better then talking to my self sorry if I’m a pain xxxx

  • Hi Wednesday, sorry you've had to join this group, but we're all in the same boat so we no how your feeling.  Your not a pain, sometimes it's better to sound of or just chat to people who are going through the same as you. We'er a good group of people here, supportive, caring and also quit funny at times. Just take one day at a time. Keep posting. Sending hugs xx


  • Hi Wednesday and welcome.  There's no silly questions or no thoughts off topic here.  If you're worried about something, no doubt someone else on here has been there and found a solution.   There's also groups for specific cancer types too.  

  • Hello Wednesday, a chat or a moan on here is the way to do it. Every single person on here has felt like you. You're normal! Best.

  • Thankyou to everyone that has responded some times all we need is to no we are not alone it means a lot to me to get a response as I’m sure it does to others I’m glad I found this sight  xxxx

  • Hi come here when ever you want, always some one about, to listen, moan scream rant or laugh what ever you want at the time.

    A lot of good people here, to give help when needed, and we all need help at times.