Feeling weepy

Good evening everyone. I've felt very weepy today to the point I was sat in town having a coffee and tears came . X

  • So sorry you fill a little down, it is all part and parcel of this roller coaster,

    That is what it is, up and down, down and then up.

    We have to go along with it, nothing else, i was down for a few days last week, this week, mentally feel stronger, but tomorrow could be different

    I hope it passes, try and push the negative thoughts away, make small aims, waiting for the spring bulbs to open,, then flowers appearing, all new life, yes lovely sight, i love the spring time more so than the summer, everything is starting to bloom,

    Please keep posting and relaying your thoughts,


  • Hi Bev, our emotions are all over the place at the start of this journey. As I said if you need to cry then cry. This will settle down in time and you'll still get down days but not as many. Let your feeling out then put your big girl pants on and have another cake with that coffee. Sending hugs xx


  • Hi bev, I always thought I was a strong guy but this crap disease makes us all emotional I can cry with no apparent reason, I know you will come through it your are a strong lady, hugs, Ulls 

  • Yes that me.i can cry even when I'm stood making a cup of tea. I've had one very emotional meltdown in 8 months .really bad one.to the point I had to ring the helpline who were amazing with me x

  • Hi Bev, so very sorry to hear that you had a teary moment in that cafe, you can't be strong all the time. In the almost 8 years since diagnosis I too have had some melting moments especially at the beginning of this journey when I was having counselling. It was when I thought that my future that I had envisaged was not going to go in the direction I was beginning to dream of was not going to happen and there was I in the company of someone I hardly knew and I had silent tears running down my face. 

    I'd certainly recommend that you don't have any hesitation in picking up that phone and ringing the helpline because even if you don't realise now that it's beneficial, when you look back in a few months, yes it was helpful.

    Take care Bev 

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • We all get upset. I am so sorry to hear when you all do. It’s good we can talk with each other though. We understand. You know,I am a tough ,strong, bald headed S.O.B. Bloke? Was. After my brain had the tumour removed,well a lump of it,I felt fine. Then a day after,the doctor talked me through what’s gonna happen. I got sad. Late that evening,I sobbed my heart out! The nurse on duty was SO understanding. Her husband,it turned out, had died from the same problem! She gave me advice, and good thoughts as a result. A lovely lady. On the quiet I still get the odd tear, and sometimes we’ll see something,and my eyes fill. It’s normal. 

    We all understand don’t we? Xx

  • Hi bev, not long after diagnosis i was so down that I almost terminated my existence, my wife stopped me and I had counciling, it help a lot now when I start to cry, there is not always a reason, but the reason is there lurking in the back of or minds, I alway talk to my wife and my councillor just in case I start to get really low.

    Being on this site also helps, as we are all experienceing the same things.

    Hugs (big ones) Ulls 

  • Good morning Bev.

    So sad for you feeling like this, but sometimes it does us good to have a cry, I must admit I've done it and I don't always know why I'm crying either so that's even more confusing. I hope it passes soon for you, but in the meantime if you need a chat and some support we are here for you, or you can use the support line if you don't feel like telling all of us. 

    Take care for now sending big hugs xxx.


  • Hi Bev, it is good to remember that what you are feeling at the moment is completely normal. We all go through times when we just want to cry, and it does come out of the blue sometimes and take us by surprise. 

    I think counselling has been mentioned, which is a really good idea. There is also a Macmillan buddie service you can sign up too. I will pop a link below. 

    macmillan-buddies service

    They match you up with a Macmillan volunteer who will call you once a week for a chat. If you click on that link above, you will also see a box on the page that says chat to us. If you click on that you can talk to someone straight away at Macmillan support.

    You can also look to see what is available from Macmillan in your local area. Click on the link below and pop in your post code to see what is available. 

    In your area

    Lastly have a look to see if there is a Maggies near you. These centres really are valuable in supporting patients and family members supporting others with cancer. 


    Keep posting here as well. It really does help to chat to people who really do understand what you are going through. x 


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  • Hope your having a better day today 

    Cat x