Incurable cancer

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Thankyou all for your replys . It's nice to able to chat with people in the situation as me. I've lost 4 of my sisters to this disease and can't belive I'm going through the same as them.

  • Oh Bev so sorry to hear this. Yes some cancers do run in families. The Lynch people think mine cones from my dad. The cancer didn't  kill him but it had been in the background for years on and off. Just talk and off load on us. Try to fill in your profile and we'll no your story. Press on my name and read mine. xx


  • I'll try to fill my profile in .that's if I no how to get to it. Im only just finding out how to read replys x

  • OK luv, take it all in your own time. What treatment are you on and how often. What do uou like to do. I play music and dance to life my mood. Some people paint, some clean, walk or cycle. It's good to find something to lift you spirits. I'm on Nivolumab every 4 weeks,  have been for nearly 3 years. Sending hugs xx


  • I'm on sorinefeb tablets 2 x 2 Dailey. To be honest I've no motivation to do anything except go for a walk with my friend and her dog when weather permits.i need to do something to fill my time.ive had to leave work as a care assistant due to all thr infections that a care home brings as I cant offered to be around infections x

  • I was a carer on the district went around people's homes fed, showered and dressed them meds. I loved that, it's so rewarding. If your friend works ask if uou can care and walk the day while shes at work, is there a local walking group you could join. Try putting some music on and dance with the hoover. Is there a Maggies near uou, they are very good supporting cancer patients. Use Google to find a local cancer  centre like Maggies, or Sun flower. You'll mix with people like us . God I feel like I'm lecturing you I don't mean to. There just suggestions.  xx.


  • I've never heard of Maggies or sunflower. I will Google them.thankyou x