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Hi all,

Just a brief note to say Hi.

I have only known about my cancer for a few months and the inoperable prognosis for less than a month.

Started in bowel. Had ileostomy. Spread to lymph nodes and liver aggressively.

So now looking at months, perhaps years if chemotherapy is effective.

Emotionally hard to even think about.

  • Hi Harelekwin,  I started with bowel cancer, press my chair to read my profile. We are very supportive in this group. Things are very hard to except but you will and treatment will become a normal routine it takes time. At first I couldn't even say cancer without crying. Your emotions will swing from anger to sorrow, to why me. Cry when you need to, shout if your angry, try to stay busy it does help. Keep posting sending hugs xx


  • Yes. I understand.Thanks. 

  • Hi Harelekwin we are all here for you when you need us you will have bad days and good days I know it's hard but try to take one day at a time huge hugs xxx

  • Hello Harlekwin, Hard it certainly is and so very difficult to get your head around, but you will manage to settle with time. The first massive shock wave will pass and when you've sorted out all the practicalities [ get your affairs in order and then forget about it], you can then get down to thinking small: one day at a time and try to make the most of each one that comes. Give yourself lots of treats and make some happy memories. I wish you all the luck in the world with your treatment. Rainie x

  • Here’s hoping the chemo is effective and tolerable. There will be lots of support here (I have breast cancer spread to liver, never had any symptoms). 

  • Welcome to the group  but so sorry you find yourself here. It is so scary being told you have an incurable cancer, and we all here know what that is like. Hope you find the group helpful x 


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  • Thank you  ,  ,  ,  ,  ,  

    Now at home with a PICC line infusing away.  Was on tablets for the first session so this is new.  Trying to figure out how to sleep with the pump.

    thank you all for your own stories and backgrounds - wishing you all the very best and my thoughts and prayers are with you all.

  • And hi to you  , so sorry we've had to meet here, I'd much prefer it was elsewhere. Try to have hope for the future, many treatments are being discovered so there's every chance your chemo will be helpful and give you every chance of living a long life.

    Take care and stay safe Harlekwin 


    Love life and family.
  • Good morning Harlekwin.

    Sorry you find yourself here and yes it is hard going from having no symptoms to having incurable Cancer. That's just what happened to me. Don't give up hope new discoveries are being made all the time. Just live life the best you can. whatever you do don't Google anything. It's usually out of date and not accurate. I stick to this site Cancer research as and Roy Castle web sites if I want to read anything. Never stop asking questions and one thing I have learned is I'm in control of the cancer and my life I make the decisions, I try and stay positive, but I do have days when I feel down on those days I just work my way through as best I can, tomorrow is a new day in my book.

    Sending you a hug for now.


  • Thank you   &  ,

    One day at a time and we’ll see where we are after the next set of scans.

    I hope that I can also give some insight to others on this journey via this community.  Each of our stories adds that little bit more to the knowledge we all need and want.

    Good luck on your own journeys.