New here - TNBC with secondary in liver

It’s my first time posting here, although I have lurked and read posts on and off since I found my own cancer is incurable. My backstory is triple negative breast cancer, initially thought to be early stage, found in February 22 from a routine mammogram. What I didn’t know then was that the very small tumour had already infiltrated my bloodstream and deposited a secondary on my liver. I found this out some months later following a CT scan for other reasons. I was already well through the course of adjuvant chemo that had been recommended as a ‘mop up’ when I found out. I completed the chemo, had radiotherapy and then had the secondary destroyed by microwave ablation just before Christmas. The plan is 3-monthly scans, then Pembrolizumab immunotherapy combined with more chemo, if/when something reappears. I have the type of TNBC that has a protein that enables it to hide from the immune system, which the immunotherapy should be able to target  

Family are great and supportive, although my 30 year old daughter seems to be in denial about the likely direction of this. I have been open with most people about the secondary tumour, without spelling out what it means. Most people seem to think that as it’s been destroyed, all will be well, and it doesn’t seem necessary to have a different conversation about this. All helped by the fact that I am well at the moment and no longer look like a cancer patient as my hair is regrowing well. Rocking my inner Annie Lennox, but as my son says, it’s a strong look. Occasionally someone asks me how long I have got and I just say ask me again in a couple of years. 

Hoping 2023 is a good year, not just for me but for all who read this. 

  • Hi coddfish nice attitude to have. I am on immunotherapy nivolumab,  I feel and look very well. 3 years ago I was given 12 to 18 months, some people think I'm better, I either smile and walk on, but on a bad day give a sarcastic comment. Love your rocking Anne Lennox, a few  ago I just died my hair red, a few young girls look and smile I just wink at them and smile. They must think silly old girl. My family luv it. Hope you have a great 2023, just keep on keeping on sending hugs xx


  • Hello Mrs Fish. I think you have firmly got hold of this imposter and are giving it what for!

    You have actually made me feel better after reading your story. You have got this!

  • Hello again.  I'm incredulous that people would ask how long you have.  How inappropriate Astonished  Anyway, welcome to this group.  

  • It amuses me in an odd sort of way. I have also been asked if I have planned my funeral. Other than musing that it would be funny to make them walk out to Queen’s “another one bites the dust”, the answer is no. Anyway, they can ask me again in 2 years. 

  • I am a big believer in trying to see the positive. None of us know how long we have left and I don’t want to lose time being sad if I can help it. 

  • Hi coddfish,

    I have to say, you know some forward folks! A warm welcome to the group. Sounds like you have good treatment plans in place. I have the same hairstyle but I liken mine to Marie from Roxette, just need to lose 2 stone and buy some leather trousers!

    A x

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  • Same here regarding weight and clothing options!

  • Hi Coddfish, welcome to our group although I really do wish I'd met you elsewhere. You'll find us a very helpful, supportive and friendly bunch which I'm sure you are probably beginning to realise that already. Lovely to meet you and I expect you'll slot in nicely.

    From what you say about your treatment having gone well, you're sounding very positive which is very important regarding your cancer journey. Keep it up Coddfish Slight smile

    Nothing wrong with looking like Annie Lennox, one of my favourite singers, fantastic voice.

    Take care and stay safe Coddfish 

    Tvman xx 

    Love life and family.
  • Unfortunately sweet dreams are not usually made of this!