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Hello all

I have got my latest scan results following my 6 month scan. I am  9 months into immunotherapy and there is now nothing visible in my neck or lungs. It’s classified as a complete radiological response. It’s obviously fantastic news compared to where I was in January. The downside is that my oncologist just doesn’t know if there is anything there but not visible as it is now so small. So my incurable diagnosis is still the same. I can have this drug for 2 years and then beyond that is also unknown. It’s a strange set of emotions, swinging from elation at the progress I have made to not really knowing what is round the corner. So I am trying to be as active as possible and enjoy my reprieve for however long it may last.


  • That is some news for Christmas, just brilliant.

  • That is really good news, live for the moment and make the most of .

    Just read your profile, your going to have a different immunotherapy, to what i had,

    I did two years of it, every three  weeks, and i finished December 2018, and only last year a slight growth on one tumour, and had 13 sessions of radiotherapy, so i carry on to the new hiccup comes along,

    I wish you a joyful Christmas, and many more xx

  • Thanks Ellie

    yes, it’s definitely living for the moment now. It’s great you are still having the benefit 3 years on. It can have long lasting effects but it’s definitely a wait and see as each case seems to be different. Have many more Christmas’s too!

    Nigel xx

  • Hi Nigel, fantastic news, celebrate you deserve too. Live for today and enjoy. Up side to continue is 3 monthly scans to keep an eye on you. ClapClap


  • You are so right, 3 monthly scans to nip anything that may occur, though oncologist told me always some thing round the corner, when first diagnosed and met her first time, she said anything to ask, i only had one thing, i said give me hope,

    When immunotherapy was licensed by nice for lung cancer, i see her oncologist, and she told me would i like to go on it and i would be her first patient for my hospital, i said yes, and her reply told you there is always hope, have never forgotten that.

    ellie x

  • Thank you Moi. Yes, a bit of a breather now before scan anxiety kicks in again!


  • Hi Nigel,

    Great news! 

    I understand the mixed emotions though as my last oncology apt was similar. I hope the immunotherapy keeps it at bay, enjoy the reprieve.

    A x

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  • Hi Nigel I had my 30 round of Nivolumab yesterday, It has kept me stable for 3 years , (I was told 12 to 18 months 3 years ago) they have kept me on it cos I'm doing well on it. I'm stable but still incurable so try to enjoy my time xx


  • Hi Moi

    Thats very helpful to know. I thought 2 years was the maximum for it. I am coping very well with the side effects so would be interested to see if it continues to work whether I could stay on it too. My surgeon calls it a wonder drug!

    Nigel x