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Hi just a little worried about radiotherapy and what it entails they say its the not knowing what's worse .so let me start by saying when I first had chemo I really didn't relize what it entailed as I didn't get told much mind you to be honest didn't ask as my head was all over so after having chemo when they came with a bag of injection and meds you can imagine but like I said took each day as it came and got through it even giving myself injection  but this time I really don't want to go in blind they say knowledge is power and that's what I need everyone's is going to be different but if I can find out something instead of you are laid on a table nd get blasted but it doesn't hurt are they any meds involved are just hints on how to keep your skin from hurting cose got 10 rounds over 14 days coming up   thank you

  • Hi Dotty, I can't help cos never had it, but I do send hugs and good vibes xx


  • Hi Dotty

    I had 13 sessions, yes you lay on the table, and to be honest you do not fill  thing,

    Takes a few minuets, longer to get you lined up, and they have to make sure it is the right places, hence getting mapped up, have you had that done yet?

    Radiotherapy carries on working for weeks after you have finished,, yes can make your skin sore, dry, they can give you cream, i was fine never happened to me,

    Can make you tired, but i just carried on, i was not to bad.

    The hardest i found was going every day, tiring.

    I had it on my Lungs,

    Take Care xx

  • 1 had about 30 goes, straightforward, everyone waiting for it laughing and joking.

    It was like a party every day. Bit of fuss when they planning where it is going to go but absolutely no pain or any side effects. 

    A nuisance going daily but that's it. You will worry yourself to death over nothing.

  • No I go on 13 for first appointment for all that but thank you for you reply x

  • Hi Dotty,

    I had 5 sessions to bone mets in the pelvis for symptom control as was in pain and couldn't walk properly. It's like everyone says about them getting you lined up, doesn't hurt.

    Because of the area being targeted, I was warned I could get thrush, diarrhoea and sore skin. I did have these about 1-2 weeks after, the sore skin was like nappy rash which was intensely itchy. The best relief I got was by using sudocrem but I think you have to be finished the radio to use it as it's got zinc in it. 

    Have a look at Macmillans booklet Understanding Radiotherapy, there will be some at the department when you have your planning CT or it is online on the Macmillan website. Best wishes for your treatment.

    A x

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  • Hi Dotty, you are spot on, you do lay on a table and it doesn’t hurt. It’s actually over very quickly, and it’s just like having an X-ray. 
    The first session they mark you up with what they call the tattoo’s. These are little black dots, which they use as a guide to line you up with the beam each session. During the radiotherapy you must lay still, you cannot move a millimetre. But like I said it is over so quickly. You lay on the table, and the machine moves around you on the table. 
    My skin did not get too sore, but I did have a perfect red square on my chest and back. For me the worst part was my oesophagus got very sore, and made eating a little difficult. Lots of ice cream and ice lollies helped to cool this down. I also became extremely tired!   They will tell you what cream to use, and also any pain killers to help with side effects x 


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  • Hi Dotty...where do you have it??? I had Lungs and Head. 

    Lungs....i had like a sun burn, very itchy but had a cream from them for it. 

    Head...fatigue and headache a bit...lost a bit hair on the spot.